50$ for roof leak repairs

Tuesday, October 6, 2015 - 08:36

Get 50$ for roof leak repairs

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Referral Rewards Program Winner #1

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - 09:09

We send $25 Gift Cards to our customer that refers us

Thank you so much for referring neighbours, customers, friends, relatives and business associates to trust Monarch Roofing to the people that matter to you most. If you are here is because you have helped us help another coastal Carolina resident get their roof retrofit completed properly by professionals.


First Winner with Mike Fluhr (Project Manager) 

Mrs. Riggs from Indigo Creek Community


5 Reasons to Use a Roof Maintenance Professional

Monday, August 17, 2015 - 08:58

You may have decided to protect your commercial building with a strong roof warranty, but that’s not the end of the story. It’s common sense that in order for something to last, you need to maintain it. We call on a professional to service our cars, we replace batteries in smoke alarms, and make other fixes to maintain quality and safety.

A property’s low-slope roof system must be maintained or there is risk for costly damage and leaks. Plus, the strong guarantee coverage you acquired could be jeopardized without a maintenance program. So who should handle the job? There’s no question that using a Certified Maintenance Professional (CMP) to take care of maintenance will save you time and money and ensure that you’ll have many years of reliable service. Here are 5 reasons why a GAF CMP is your best and only choice to maintain your building’s roof. A CMP will:

  1. Help reduce the risk of unexpected and costly roofing-related expenses by providing the expertise to both maintain and service the roof if repairs are necessary
  2. Inspect the exterior and interior areas, roof perimeter, and the field of the roof including drainage, penetrations and joints, perform yearly inspections to ward off potential problems, and check the roof for damage after a major storm or heavy winds
  3. Improve the reflective performance of cool roofs by making sure the area is clean
  4. Provide access to GAF’s unique WellRoof® Program and guarantee extension (a 25% extension to GAF’s Diamond Pledge™ NDL Roof Guarantee at no cost to you, after you establish an annual maintenance program—see WellRoof Program for details).
  5. Provide documentation to you and GAF that repairs have been made (to uphold a warranty’s contract).

More than 80% of all roofs are replaced prematurely* because of problems that occur before they reach their anticipated lifespan, but that number can be reduced through regular, preventative roof maintenance. Avoid the hassle and worry and let a CMP proactively take care of your building’s investment.

Learn more about the CMP program.


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Roof Animation. GAF Roofing System Installation. You Deserve the Best!

Friday, July 31, 2015 - 10:10


A roofing retrofit is an expensive investment and it deserves to be done properly to eliminate any future issues. We want to assure you that your roof will be beautiful and properly installed. We have established a superior quality roofing business to help homeowners and home builders add value and protect a crucial element of their homes through maximizing roofing looks at a fair cost. We continuously strive to reach a higher level of knowledge, practices and superior warranties to give our customers the best value possible. Monarch Roofing has been in business over 5 years. We have accomplished large roofing projects of many kinds. We are properly licensed, bonded and insured for all steep slope roofs. We are very proud to have obtained the highest level of certification. Would be a pleasure helping you!

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Monarch Roofing Roof Repair Trusted Professional

Friday, July 31, 2015 - 10:08

Need a Roof Repair... We're here to help !

Monarch Roofing Roof Repair Team are Trusted Professionals that focuses on getting the job right the first time. We take pride into being a highly trained, license and insured roofing contractor. Don't only do we use top quality materials and work tirelessly to craft the perfect roof for your home, our prices are still affordable!!

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O.: 843 839 ROOF (7663) 843 839 7663


Key Danger Signals of a failling roof

Friday, July 17, 2015 - 13:54

Don’t get caught with sudden, costly repairs. Keep a close eye on your roof and learn how to spot problems before they severely impact your wallet with these 7 danger signs.

1. A leak in the attic.

After a strong storm or wind-driven rain, take a look in the attic for signs of leaking. Ice damming can also cause water to enter the house if you don’t have an adequate shingle underlayment or if the flashing (the aluminum or steel used over roof joints, like chimneys and pipes) has deteriorated.

2. Blistering or peeling interior or exterior paint.

When paint starts to peel off, the cause is likely trapped moisture in the house due to excessive temperature or high humidity from poor attic ventilation. The air in the attic needs to flow freely from the soffit to the ridge to reduce humidity. Make sure there is a vent in areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Dryers should vent outside.

3. Stains on interior ceilings and walls; mold or mildew growth.

If you see stains or, even worse, mold growth inside your home, it may be caused by inadequate or faulty shingle underlayment that is allowing water to seep into the house. Inadequate ventilation could also be the culprit, which causes excessive moisture— conditions in which mold and mildew thrive.

4. Exterior decay, sheathing, and/or siding.

Poor attic ventilation is again a possible cause, but any condition that results in excess moisture can contribute to decay. One way to combat the problem is to put a vapor barrier between the insulation and the inside of the house, which can reduce the amount of moisture that goes into a wall and help the moisture escape fromthe wall.

5. Missing, cracked, or curled shingles.

If you see that your shingles are dry or practically break when touched, that means they have reached the end of their useful life and it’s time to invest in a new roof.

6. Dark, “dirty-looking” areas on your roof.

This could mean your roof has vegetation, fungus, mold, or algae growth, or that the shingles’ protective granules have been lost. This doesn’t mean you need to replace your roof, but these stains can reduce curb appeal. Cleaning the shingles is an option, but that could shorten their life. Fortunately, StainGuard® protection is available on many GAF Shingles, including Timberline® Cool Series Shingles, Timberline® Natural Shadow® Shingles, and Timberline® ArmorShield™ II Shingles. (StainGuard® protection is available only on shingles with StainGuard®-labeled packaging. See GAF Shingle & Accessory Ltd. Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions.)

7. Excessive energy costs.

A possible cause of higher cooling costs could be insufficient attic ventilation, requiring the cooling system to run excessively. In warm weather, inadequate ventilation will trap hot air in the attic, causing air-conditioning systems to work harder, or leaving your home's interior hotter and less comfortable. In both hot and cold weather, moisture in the attic can become trapped and condense on the rafters if it’s not insulated properly. This moisture can drip down onto the insulation and reduce its effectiveness, potentially increasing energy costs.




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Monarch Company LLC Wins All Three 2014 Excellence Awards

Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 10:03

Monarch Company LLC is one of only one hundred ninety four contractors in the country to win all three 2014 Master Elite TM Excellence Awards which include ...

  • Consumer Protection Excellence
  • Training Excellence
  • Installation Excellence

Monarch Company LLC achieved this goal by their commitment to superior quality and continuous improvement. Monarch Company LLC is truly focused on providing great quality and service. We at GAF are very proud to have Monarch Company LLC as a Master Elite™ Contractor, and we appreciate their commitment to their customers!

Monarch Company LLC Receives 2014 Excellence Awards PDF


What to do After a Hail Storm?

Monday, May 4, 2015 - 11:40

Certain areas of the Grand Stand were hit by a hail storm in May. The Grand Strand Area is exposed to hurricanes and not recognized as an area that gets much hail damage. If you live in an area that got hit by the hail storm, (Myrtle Beach, Conway, Little River) you are probably confused about the protocol to follow after the hail storm. Therefore, if you are new to a storm hit area, or are dealing with the first hail storm to hit your house, here are a few tips to help you.

If hail has hit your home, you will probably know if has happened. A hail storm is a fairly significant weather event that will most likely affect your entire neighborhood. You may not be sure if your roof has suffered damage from the hail. Not all hail storms will result in damage to your roof that requires replacement.

It is often necessary to contact a professional roofing contractor to assist you in determining the extent of damage your roof has received. Make sure to contact someone who is from your local area. After a major storm, roofing companies from other areas may come knocking on your door. It is important to remember that they will not be around if you have issues with your roof later. You may want to check with your local Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau to research roofing companies. If it is determined that your roof has received hail damage, you will need to file an insurance claim.

If you want more information about what to do after a hail storm or have any questions, please visit our website at, send an email to, call us 843 839 ROOF (7663), request a FREE ROOF REPORT: Monarch Roofing is trained to identify hail damage and complete an accurate report representing you as the homeowner getting a new roof through your claim with your insurance company. We are here to help!

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