Pizza, Weather and a Basketball Showdown with Ed Piotrowski

Wow! Rob Clemons was stoked to have guest Ed Piotrowski of WPDE15, Myrtle Beach’s Weather Man, stop by Monarch Roofing‘s Crowning Connections podcast not only to discuss the community wide Pizza Palooza celebration this weekend, but Ed also shared about his personal journey to fame. His experiences have led to such nuggets of wisdom as “it takes knowledge and chrisma in order to communicate,” and the importance to vet your information sources.
This fun podcast discusses who would win in a pizza eating contest between Ed & Rob; as well as, who’s be the better golf and basketball athlete between Ed and Jim Cantore. Don’t worry! We will have Jim Cantore on soon to defend his reputation.

Listen in!
Pizza Palooza with THE ED PIOTROWSKI
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Communication: Knowledge and Chrisma
The Core 4
Rob the Meterologist!
The Weatherman Business: “Not Smell-a-vision”
Celebrities: Past and Present
Tele Astronomy Photography
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Ed would beat Jim Cantore in Basketball!
2022 Weather?
Storm Memories and Famous Shark
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Rob Clemons 0:08
Welcome to Crown Connections with Monarch Roofing and Rob Clemons. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about pizza. I’m really excited about this because and I say I’m excited about every single show. But today, I’m like, almost nervous excited, because we have the one and only Ed Piotroski here with us. Ed, thank you for coming on.

Ed Piotrowski 0:29
Thanks, man. Too much build up.

Rob Clemons 0:31
All right.

Ed Piotrowski 0:32
There’s a local village idiot telling the weather.

Rob Clemons 0:34
Oh, come on down. I was literally thinking how to talk about this today with Ed. You know, we gotta do honor here. You know.

Ed Piotrowski 0:42
Listen, you do great job speaking. I’ve had the opportunity to speak with you quite a few times. And you’re phenomenal at it. Hope. I hope Martin’s listening.

Rob Clemons 0:49
I appreciate that. Thank you for the, you know, a couple years ago, we did a presentation together. And I remember you lead off and then I followed up and later on, I was like, that was the worst lead ever. It’s like, like, everybody’s here to hear Rob Clemons and speak. You know, say…

Ed Piotrowski 1:04

Rob Clemons 1:05
Yeah, well, I just want to thank you for warming up for me. That was great. So this year, when we did it, we flipped it around. I thought was a little bit better plan. So there’s that.

Ed Piotrowski 1:13
It was great.

Rob Clemons 1:13
Yeah, no, that’s awesome. Hey, I was gonna ask you. So we got this pizza party coming up right now. It’s coming up on Saturday, and really excited about it. So for those who are, you know, haven’t heard the whole build up for it. Tell us how this whole thing came?

Ed Piotrowski 1:28
Well, back in June, that’s when the hurricane season began I, you know, I thought to myself, “gosh, I’m so sick and tired of hurricanes,” and who isn’t sick of them aftrer the last five years. So I just threw out there, kind of tongue in cheek that, you know, if we get to this hurricane season, we don’t get hit by a hurricane I’m going to throw a massive pizza party and everybody’s invited. Well, during the course of the season, every time I posted something about a tropical system forming, people say it’s the pizza party still on. I’m like, “Oh no, this is this is actually going to be a pretty big deal, I think.” So we just went along with it. We were able to get some fantastic sponsors, like you guys, to help, you know, really do this great community event where it’s just gonna be a massive pizza party on December 11, coming up Saturday at Pelicans Ballpark. And just to celebrate the fact that we made it through the season without getting hit by a hurricane.

Rob Clemons 2:15
I mean, it’s pretty funny because you know, here’s a guy who’s in the roofing business and a guy that’s in the weather business, and we’re sitting here going, “yay, we had no storms this year!” Which is odd. It is kind of odd, but hey, you know, you know, throw a curveball once in a while. One thing that’s really cool that it started off is just kind of a tongue in cheek comment that people remembered. And that must happen to you in this business sometimes. Yeah. Oh, you remember what you said?

Ed Piotrowski 2:37
You got to be real careful about what you say because people do remember that stuff. And it kind of took off. It was kind of funny, because every time I finished a tropical update, only thing people were looking for the pizza emojis. Because that ultimately is what mattered to them is the pizza party still on. So we’ve got at least 15, we are going to finalize that number very soon, 15 to 20 different pizza places that will be out there. So we’re kind of calling it a Pizza Palooza.

Rob Clemons 3:01
Holy cow.

Ed Piotrowski 3:02
Everybody will get two tickets. In other words, you’ll get two free slices, a big old pizza. There’ll be water other things available. Fun time for the kids. Santa Claus will be out there. We’ll have live music from the 100 Grand Band. And we’re doing a pizza eating contest. So,

Rob Clemons 3:16
Okay. So whoever eats the most pizza wins or like that kind of thing?

Ed Piotrowski 3:20
Yeah, pretty soon what they’ll do is they’ll register when they come in and we’ll draw 15 names out of the hat. And those 15 people will have the opportunity to eat a medium pizza. We’ll see who eats it the fastest.

Rob Clemons 3:29
Oh, okay. Okay. You know what’s interesting about this contest? It’s usually not the guy you expect to win who wins it. You know, you’re always expecting the big guy, but some guy that’s you know, 130 pounds!

Ed Piotrowski 3:40
Right! If I’m in a pizza eating contest with you, because you’re half my size, you’ll probably whip me.

Rob Clemons 3:45
Oh, I can put away some pizza. Now let’s go ahead and go down that route. Are you a big pizza fan? Or was that…

Ed Piotrowski 3:51
Oh Yeah

Rob Clemons 3:51
Okay. What’s your favorite?

Ed Piotrowski 3:53
I love anchovies. Believe it or not. Anchovies are my favorite pizza. I don’t eat it that much. Because the age of 55 you can just look at Pizza and put on weight.

Rob Clemons 4:00
I was gonna say if the pizza eating contest between you and I involves anchovies. I think you’re gonna probably win.

Ed Piotrowski 4:07
You’re gonna… oh I”m going to win. We will know if we ever get in that situation.

Rob Clemons 4:13
So So tell me a little bit about yourself. At what age, or at what time in life did you know you want to be a weatherman?

Ed Piotrowski 4:21
You know, what I remember in second grade drawing maps, watching the weather at night. Back in the day when I was growing up. You only had three channels to watch. And the evening news came on at six o’clock. And I’d watched the weatherman and I had pieces of paper and I draw the front. So I take it to school the next day and I present the weather. And of course, if it was wrong, I’d blame the guys on television. Not me! I never thought I’d do it in television. I actually thought when I went to high school that I was going to go to the Air Force Academy. I had an appointment to do that. And I decided against that because I really didn’t want to move out West with my mom and dad moving out to the East. So ended up going to North Carolina State University and I just remember staying up late when I was grade school and waiting for it to snow in South Texas, which never happens.

Rob Clemons 5:04
In Texas, right?

Ed Piotrowski 5:05
There’s a lot of fun. I mean, and then I happen to get an internship at a local TV station in North Carolina, and just fell in love with that telling people about the weather and you know, got my first job in January of 1990. And the rest is history, as they say.

Rob Clemons 5:19
Yeah, no, that’s amazing. I mean, how much of being a successful weather person involves knowledge of the weather versus charisma?

Ed Piotrowski 5:29
I think it’s a combination of both. And I had a general manager once tell me when we were in the process of hiring somebody, I said, “Gosh, this person is a great meteorologist.” And he would say, “Can they communicate on the air?”

Rob Clemons 5:39

Ed Piotrowski 5:40
Because ultimately, that’s what matters. Get the smartest guy in the world. If they’re not communicating it well, it doesn’t matter. So I think it’s a it’s a really good mix. You, you’ve got to be charismatic, I think the forecasts that everybody puts out are similar. So it’s, it has a lot to do with the delivery and in being involved in the community as well that you live in. I think it’s a huge deal.

Rob Clemons 5:56
I that’s, that’s amazing. I’d like to circle back around to that, as a matter of fact, community involvement. But one thing that piqued my interest that you were just saying is is I mean, isn’t that kind of true of all professions. It’s the one who communicates the best that makes the most difference. Yeah, you can have all this stuff up here. But if you can’t really get it out to the people…

Ed Piotrowski 6:15

Rob Clemons 6:15
it’s hard to be successful. That’s really interesting stuff. From your early career, had there been anybody that was just an inspiration to yourself that helps you get to this point?

Ed Piotrowski 6:26
Yeah, there. There are actually several guys that are still to this day, my best friends in this business, and one is Eric Thomas, who’s a meteorologist in Charlotte, North Carolina. I was only one year here in Myrtle Beach. And he kind of took me under his wing to teach me how to be a chief meteorologist in terms of what I do on air and behind the scenes. Greg Fishel, who now lives in Myrtle Beach, retired ironically, in WRAL in Raleigh is another mentor of mine. And then I’ve got a couple of guys, Tim Heller in Houston. And, gosh, can’t remember the other guy’s name. He’s one of my best friends. Yeah. Not Rob Fowler, but he’s in Charleston, Rob Perillo in Louisiana. All guys that have had to deal with hurricanes and we’ve always talked about bumping things off of one another to improve our performance on air so that people understand the impacts of a hurricane. So those four core, that core four is probably have had a major influence on my life and career actually.

Rob Clemons 7:19
Yeah, that’s pretty amazing stuff. And I feel like everybody has to have sort of a mentor, that they look up to. I wanted to tell you a little bit about myself, then. I’m going to go back to so when I was a little kid, I thought I wanted to be a meteorologist. I really did you know.

Ed Piotrowski 7:34
You’ve got the charisma for it.

Rob Clemons 7:37
I mean, I know anything about the weather, but…

Ed Piotrowski 7:38
That’s okay.

Rob Clemons 7:40
But and so I made a report, I’m going to and I want to test this with you cuz I was talking my staff about this. I made a actual, you know, you’ll have a presentation you have to do and I made my own “Could you predict the weather in the morning by what the clouds look like?”

Ed Piotrowski 7:54

Rob Clemons 7:55
And so I thought I had an airtight, you know, like presentation and the teacher got done in the end. And she goes, No, no.

Ed Piotrowski 8:03
No, there’s some truth to that. It depends on what’s coming in. You know, this time of the year, we see a lot of thin cirrus clouds in the morning. That could lead to a storm on its way in a couple of days. So yeah, I wouldn’t say you were wrong.

Rob Clemons 8:14

Ed Piotrowski 8:15
Maybe not 100% right, right.

Rob Clemons 8:16
Yeah, cuz my thesis was you could definitely do it. I kind of I learned it early age, “Yeah. Rob, don’t don’t swing too hard for the fences.” Right. Now. That’s awesome. Oh, tell me about the the weather man business. You’re everywhere. I mean, you really are. And I’m always amazed at how, and not just from my perspective, I’ve heard from people in the community who just talk about how generous you are with your time and how generous you are to the people. How many hours a week do you put in?

You know, it’s odd. My days are very fragmented.


Ed Piotrowski 8:48
For example, this morning, I was out visiting a young lady, and she’s nine years old today. So we did a drive by birthday. And that was fun. And then of course, I’m here which I you know, love hanging out with you guys and doing stuff like this. My actual job starts around 2:30 a lot of times, and that’s probably the easiest part of my job. I’m sitting at my computer forecasting the weather and creating graphics. So I run from 2:30 to 11:30 there. And you know, some days when it’s perfectly sunny, you may work four or five hours. There may be days when there are hurricanes when you’re working days on end. So days are very fragmented. And the beauty of my company is they they give me leeway to kind of set my own schedule. As long as I’m there for the television shows from five to 7:30 and then 11 to 11:30. They let me come and go as I please. So yeah, that’s kind of cool.

Rob Clemons 9:33
I would say the people at WPDE are probably, you know, feel pretty good about what you do.

Ed Piotrowski 9:37
Yeah, they’re not complaining. Like my checks, not bouncing and giving me new contracts every five years, so I’m happy.

Rob Clemons 9:45
Since I was gonna ask you, have you ever had to you sleep overnight at the station due to some crazy weather event?

Ed Piotrowski 9:52
Oh, yeah. And for several years, we had nowhere to sleep. So we finally convinced GM at least gave us a nice recliner in our office so that we can sleep for a couple of hours.

Rob Clemons 10:01
That’s fair.

Ed Piotrowski 10:01
The first time we ever had to really spend the night so to speak was with Hurricane Floyd back in 1999. And we were there for three consecutive days. And I used to joke around, and this is before we had a shower at the station, “good thing, it’s not smellivision!” It was kind of odd, we did get to go home for an hour or two here and there. But then, you know, Hurricane Florence, Hurricane Matthew, we had to spend the night. It’s just easier actually, you know, you get off the air at 11:30. You have to be back on the air, you know, by four o’clock in the morning. So it’s just easier to stay there then go home. And and again, now we have showers at the station so that helps to them.

They call those the “ED Piotroski Memorial Showers.”

Thank God they are there though! It helps to wake you up. But the adrenaline of the storm just gets you going. But I’ll tell you what, when the storm is over with and it transitions from a weather story to a news story. That’s when you crash. And you feel like you could sleep for three days and in my age anymore. Takes a little bit more time to recover.

Rob Clemons 10:55
A little bit more coffee in the morning or what?

Ed Piotrowski 10:58
Oh, yeah!

Rob Clemons 10:58
No, I got you. You know, I grew up in in you know, we’re both sports fans. I was big Washington. Well, I still am a big Washington football team fan. And I again, talk with my staff earlier. Sounds like I talked with my staff a lot about…

That’s good! Relationships are important.

It is,, I mean, this is about team building, you know. So, but I was a big Joe Gibbs fan.

Ed Piotrowski 11:17
Oh, yeah.

Rob Clemons 11:18
And I remember hearing him talk about how he would he would his you know, sleeping office overnight, just because it was so demanding. And I’ve always kind of modeled my style of management after his. But you know, when I hear that kind of stuff, I always think you know, there’s the little side of things you don’t think about like a warm shower. Right?

Ed Piotrowski 11:34
Right. Things you don’t think about your right. But it’s it’s like you said, you know, you want to be the best team member. If you’re leading that team, you want to do everything that they’re doing. I lead by example. That’s I’m sure that’s what you do, too. I can tell that just from the times I’ve interacted with you. And I think that’s important for the people that are, you know, in my shop, like, “hey, if Ed’s gonna do it, then I can easily do it as well.” So

Rob Clemons 11:59
Yeah, definitely. Good points. Good points. So for yourself, you’ve been in a lot of situations where you met people, I’m sure you’ve met a lot of very colorful people, celebrities and whatnot. Can you give us an idea of some of the maybe the big names we might have? I know you’ve met a few but…

Ed Piotrowski 12:15
So, recently, excuse me, my throat is bothering me a little bit. Anyway. You guys, anybody here watch the office? Oh, yeah, absolutely. Brian Bumgarner was in town, and I got to meet him at the chili festival. That was cool. Just in the last week, I was at a viewing of the Christmas Vacation movie and met Chevy Chase.

Rob Clemons 12:35
No way!

Ed Piotrowski 12:36
Which was really pretty cool.

Rob Clemons 12:37

Ed Piotrowski 12:38
And then when the plan Hollywood opened here in Myrtle Beach, there’s a lot of celebrities here. I got to meet Patrick Swayze, Jennifer Love Hewitt. Tiger Woods was here the next day, which was cool. But the coolest of all was Will Smith.

Rob Clemons 12:51
Oh, no way.

Ed Piotrowski 12:51
Will Smith came in and the sports director and I at the time were just talking to Will Smith. He’s he’s like, Hey, fellas, let’s go over to the All Star Cafe and buy it. I’m like, okay. We had a we had a nice little our with Will Smith was before got really big. But still.

Rob Clemons 13:06
I mean, still, though. And I’m thinking around that time. He’s probably made Independence Day at that point already. So that was late 90. Yeah, he was making a pretty good you know, the thing about Will Smith and this is an interesting one. So when I’m meeting groups, I talked about these DISC assessments. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of these personality profiles. And I use Will Smith as the influencer type of personality. And you know, just somebody who’s very friendly, outgoing and, and but I always have thought to myself, yeah, I don’t know Will Smith. I’m going off of what he looks like in the movie. Right? It sounds like he’s behind the scenes a great guy.

Ed Piotrowski 13:40
Yeah, for a guy who is as popular as he is, he wasn’t big time in us at all. Well, Bruce Willis, big timed us. He was there. He was just like doing his thing. We don’t know what was going on with Bruce. I didn’t know he was on this planet at that time. It was it was cool.

Rob Clemons 13:55
Yeah. Well, you know, Bruce, I mean, by that point. Yeah, he is. He’s way past the moonlighting day. Oh, yeah. Let’s go. As far as your… I’ve followed you on social media a little bit and I have seen some of your telescope work. I mean, you know, and you’re doing some pretty awesome shots. How long have you been doing this for?

Ed Piotrowski 14:15
Gosh, you know, about 10 years ago, I started the ABC 15 weather calendar, simply because we had so many awesome photographers in our area, sending me pictures all the time. And I go, “Gosh, this would be great to give them some publicity, but also, you know, raise money for charity.” So a guy named Phil, I knew at the time, which is still his name, by the way.

Rob Clemons 14:37
He changed his name! he’s not.

Ed Piotrowski 14:38
He took me under his wing and taught me photography. And so I learned how to do photography that way. And then Steve Elwood, who lives here in town with it does an amazing job with Astro photography and he helped my wife find me a telescope for Christmas a couple of years ago and taught me how to use the telescope and how to attach my camera to to take photos. So that’s the whole deal is, you know, attaching the camera and taking photos. And then, you know, cropping and a little bit here and there. And it’s just been an awesome time doing that. It’s fun to spend the whole night outdoors looking for the Milky Way.

Rob Clemons 15:11
Oh my gosh.

Ed Piotrowski 15:12
It’s really cool.

Rob Clemons 15:13
I could totally do this same thing, it but it’s funny because I know what you’re talking about. There’s a long way from learning how to use one of those little telescope, because my, my mom bought my dad one a few years ago, and he still never figured out how to use it.

Ed Piotrowski 15:28
And that’s where I’m lucky with Steve, because I’m not the brightest light in the Christmas tree when it comes to stuff like that. But he is phenomenal and got me to you know, track the stars so that you can do long exposures. So you can see stuff that we can’t see with the naked eye. If you you know, expose something for two or three minutes, you’d be shocked at what you can actually see in the heavens. So that’s you got to have the right equipment to do that.

Rob Clemons 15:48
It’s crazy. I sometimes think back to these guys who are first finding the planets and how impressive that was right? Or equipment they had said, Yeah, that’s really cool. You’ve done a lot of great things in your career. What are you most proud of?

Ed Piotrowski 15:59
You know what I think I’m most proud of people coming up to me and appreciating my hurricane coverage and not being a sensationalistic person. I’ve always considered myself a voice of reason. And I think most importantly, is just being the same person on air as I am off air. And I hopefully you guys would think that, you know, I’m no different there. But, you know, just getting through hurricanes. And I love the community involvement, that I do that I can use my position for good and helping others that may not be as fortunate. And that goes along with a lot of the charities that I’m involved in and, you know, bobbleheads and calendars that we’ve done specifically for charities in our area.

Rob Clemons 16:39
I was gonna ask you about that a little bit. You know, talking about your charities and, you know, Monarch were a big supporter of the community as well. When you went with each bobblehead, how does that work? I mean, how does that money go back?

Ed Piotrowski 16:51
So a couple years ago, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans wanted to do a bobblehead and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. So we did that and raised money for charity there. And then we decided we wanted to do another one, because they seem to be pretty popular. So we did a second one with the green suit. And then this year, again because they were selling out, we’re like, “gosh, we’re raising money for charity. Let’s just keep doing them. That’s cool.” So we did one with the pink suit for breast cancer awareness month in October. And we just closed that down, we sold over 900 of those.

Rob Clemons 17:18
Wow, that’s amazing.

Ed Piotrowski 17:20
So gosh, and that all goes to Tidland’s Health in their breast care facility. So you know, money that’s going to be used to really perhaps help save the lives of people. And we’re doing calendars now. And those calendars in two days, we sold 500 of the 1000. So that’s really cool. And that money is going to help reach across America put graves I’m sorry, wreaths on graves at the National Cemetery in Florence. And also Project Lifesaver with SOS Care that helps seniors who may wander get found because they have a little Lifesaver bracelet on. So, all things that I think will, you know, really make a difference. And listen, I appreciate what you guys do as well, you’ve always been a big supporter of sponsoring a lot of the stuff that we do, and you know, on television as well, which certainly shows that you’re very much involved in the community.

Rob Clemons 18:05
Absolutely. No, I was just thinking to myself, when you were talking about this, I need to buy some bobbleheads.

Ed Piotrowski 18:10
Listen, I’ll give you a man. Aftr

Rob Clemons 18:14
No, no doubt about it. I want to save way over to something and this is something that was on my heart that I need to ask you as a professional. Is it true that in some of these storms seems that some of these weathermen sare you know, kind of faking a little bit? Like we get blown away here there’s like people walking by in the background. You know.

Ed Piotrowski 18:35
I’ve seen that before other stations, not necessarily in town, I don’t want to call out people in town. There’s been a couple of have come from out of town. And you’ll see it I actually saw this on our television once. They were standing on the beach between two palm trees acting like the wind was blowing massively you see a guy walk behind him walking his dog. Like it’s, you know, 20 mile per hour wind and, you know, stuff like that does happen, because they’re just trying to find something. You know, I think the Weather Channel folks do a phenomenal job. Yeah. And but they broad brush it you know, it’s more about just in general, what’s happening. And they’ll tell you to turn into your local folks for that. And we have good relationships with them. And the great thing is, and Jim Cantore is coming to our pizza party.

Yeah, it was gonna be a lot of fun. We’re really excited about that. And that’s, that’s really cool. I know, he had mentioned you a little bit beforehand. And I know he’s excited to be spending some time with you as well. So that’s that’s very cool.

Man, he’s, I invited Jim t our, we used to do an ABC 15 golf tournament with sports director Rick Panisse probably 15 years ago. And we invited him in this poor Jim got really big, and he came every year to play in our golf tournament. So we’ve been friends for you know, 20 years. And you don’t get to see him as much as I used to because he’s such a big deal, now. The cool thing about him is he hasn’t forgotten a little people, so to speak. Yeah, he’s just a great guy.

Rob Clemons 19:53
Now. If you and he are playing golf, I mean, who’s gonna win?

Ed Piotrowski 19:56
Oh, he will. He’s a better golfer. But we have fun that’s what really matters.

Rob Clemons 20:00
Okay, so now we get to play a game here. What can you be Jim Cantore in? Just in case.

Ed Piotrowski 20:04
Basketball. I’m taller than Jim. Throw my weight around.

Rob Clemons 20:10
I got you. Alright, that’s fair. So as far as 2022, it’s coming up, give the people a little preview of what we should expect in 2022 with weather?

Ed Piotrowski 20:21
Oh my gosh. Probably more of the same. Hopefully the hurricane season won’t be as active. You know, this past hurricane season was amazing for us. It’s first time we hadn’t been hit by or impacted by Hurricane since 2013. So it’s a great hurricane season. La Nina has been really, the last two years made it very active, the two busiest hurricane seasons, well, top three of the last two years. And we probably won’t be as busy this upcoming season. But you know, there again, it only takes one hitting you to make it a bad season. So I’m not a big seasonal forecaster because you know, we’re trying to get it right for the next day. But with hurricanes, you can kind of give a good idea. So you know, we’re just all hoping for some snow this year. You and I were talking about that. So we’ll see what happens. December? Probably not. It may be pretty mild for much of December.

Rob Clemons 21:05
Okay gotcha. So no snow, so I canceled my ski trips in Myrtle Beach.

Ed Piotrowski 21:10
That’s it. That’s a good point.

Rob Clemons 21:11
All right. Fair enough. As far as you were the the biggest storm that you ever involved with Do you remember one that was in particular just destructive?

Ed Piotrowski 21:20
What really scared me was Hurricane Floyd back in 1999. It was a Category Five year the Bahamas and was forecast to make landfall two or three days out near Murrells Inlet. And I knew if that were the case, that would be worse than Hurricane Hugo for us. Thankfully, you know, back in 99, our forecasting skills weren’t as good as they are now. It weakened considerably. It was a cat two, and it actually made landfall near Wilmington, but that was the scariest. Probably the most impactful was Hurricane Florence because of the incredible amount of rain and flooding that occur. I know people fear that wind all the time, which is a legit fear. But it’s really the flooding rainfall that kills more people in a hurricane than anything else. So and that was devastating for our area, as was Hurricane Matthew. So those are the two that I’ll forever remembered. Hopefully, we’ll never get anything worse than that.

Rob Clemons 22:03
I mean, I remember you did a presentation and you mentioned that and that stuck with me. I’ve actually used that when I’m talking to people who are from you know, areas that don’t get hurricanes and then come down and you know, talk about wind, wind, wind. And sure it does damage to your roof, which is great, but sounds terrible. Yeah, I don’t want to hurt anybody. It’s only a couple of shingles. But But no, they when you said that I usually tell that to people, it’s you just have to be ready for the for the water and be very aware of your safety preparation for that.

Ed Piotrowski 22:33
Absolutely. I mean, wind, wind does a tremendous amount of damage, like you said, but it really is the water that kills people. You know, and tornadoes and storm surge as well. So those are the core four things that we have to worry about when it comes to hurricanes.

Rob Clemons 22:47
Absolutely. I one of my other favorites from your presentation that I’ve seen you do is that you show the picture where it could be like Kings Highway or it could be you know, 501, wherever it is, there’s this one shark that ends up..

Ed Piotrowski 23:01
Social media man… and it’s on the internet, it must be true gotta be true! That’s that’s yeah, there’s a there’s a shark swimming in a highway, swimming on a highway supposedly, because the why the highway had been flooded. And it showed up during Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Florence. I mean, that’s sharks, a well traveled shark, a superstar.

Rob Clemons 23:23
Like always the exact same spot.

Ed Piotrowski 23:25
People believe it! That’s what’s odd. People need to do a better job of vetting the sources where they’re getting information. That’s true, that’s key, especially with what we do half of my job anymore, seems to be putting out fires from, you know, high school kids or, or whatever that are putting out forecasts, etc. You know.

Rob Clemons 23:42
Right. Yeah, forget all these models and all this good stuff, we’ll just you know, whatever happens? Well, as we get towards the back end of this, I was hoping you could kind of tell me what you would suggest to, you know, we still have a lot of people coming to Myrtle Beach, one of the most popular places to move to in the country. You know, what would you tell somebody either weather wise or just, you know, locality wise, a recommendation to a new person moving here.

Ed Piotrowski 24:04
You know, the most important thing, especially when it comes to hurricanes is make sure you have a plan. You know, what are you going to do for hurricanes threatening our area? What supplies are you going to have? Make sure that you have all of your important documentation stored in a safe place. And make sure you have the right insurance. I mean, a lot of people come here and your you know, your normal home insurance may not cover everything that occurs with a hurricane. You know, flooding coming from a lake is a lot different than a window breaking and flooding coming from a water in terms of what’s covered or not. And you know, that goes for obviously any kind of damage that occurs to your house from roofs, to shingle, or you know, roofs to Windows or siding or whatever it may be. So make sure you’re fully prepared. Do it in the beginning of the hurricane season so you’re not going to end up like the other 99% of people waiting to the last minute to do something.

Rob Clemons 24:50
That’s a great point. And I also want to talk about and this may be one of the more near and dear to your heart. So NC State. You… this was incredible. So earlier this year you’re talking about they were about to play play Clemson. Yeah. And I was just like, I mean, they got no shot at being Clemson. But there they win! You know, that is spanked them a little bit.

Ed Piotrowski 25:11
It takes for us to be Clemson they have to be down. We have to be playing extremely, extremely well. And that’s what happened. And so it almost killed me though, because I’m sitting at the dinner table watching the game. My mother in law and mother and everybody’s at the table. And of course our kicker misses a field goal and I just slammed down the table. I was so mad and it scared the heck out of everybody. But the bigger game this year was when they played Carolina. Oh yeah, we ended up North Carolina because when I say Carolina when people think South Carolina. Anyway, they in 26 seconds he scored two touchdowns and recovered an onside kick to win the game. That’s the greatest game I’ve ever seen.

Rob Clemons 25:48
Unbelievable, right? Yeah. Now, are you a CCU fan too now? That’s right.

Ed Piotrowski 25:53
I’ve always wondered who am I going to root for if NC State ever played CCU? And I’m like, gosh, yeah, it would be I couldn’t lose. I guess it’s a good way to put

Rob Clemons 26:04
That’s true. There’s and that’s like the glass half full glass half empty thing. You know, there’s just gonna be two winners, no matter who Ryan’s it’s a winner. So, all right, very cool. Well, Ed, we have the pizza party coming up. We’re very excited to be sponsoring that. Very excited to see out there. I really appreciate you coming on today. Very interesting stuff.

Ed Piotrowski 26:23
That was good stuff. Rob. Thank you for everything you do and keep on going and keep doing what you’re doing in terms of speaking. You do a phenomenal job out in the community, as well. So does Monarch Roofing. Appreciate you guys.

Rob Clemons 26:32
Well, I appreciate that as well. This is Rob Clemons of signing off with Crown Connections and Monarch Roofing. We’ll see you next time.

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