Crowning Connections: Around the World, While Building at Home

What a treat to have Nigel Horonzy of Berkshire Hathaway, The Horonzy Group and The Myrtle Beach Travel Park pop by Monarch Roofing to record Crowning Connections with Rob Clemons. Nigel is a local to the Grand Strand, who loves to travel and is currently building up our community. Listen in!

Podcast Episode:

Rob Clemons  0:08
Welcome to Crown Connections with Rob Clemons. It is a beautiful day in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. And speaking about Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, I am blessed today to have Nigel Horonzy with me. We’re going to talk a little bit about Myrtle Beach. We’re going to talk a little bit about his company, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services and some of the things they’re doing out there. But the biggest thing that I would like to take out of this today is just things that make companies in this area successful, true success stories. And so I’m gonna open up with this Nigel, welcome to the show.

Nigel Horonzy  0:41
Thank you, Rob. And listen, I love your podcast voice. I love how you just turn that on.

Rob Clemons  0:47
Yeah, before he before I start on like, “Hi Nigel,” high voice.

Nigel Horonzy  0:51
Yeah, you’re doing good.

Rob Clemons  0:53
Alright, awesome. I appreciate that. Well, well, Nigel, I’ve known you for a little while. We don’t get to talk a lot. But I know that you’ve been involved with the Myrtle Beach area for a long time. Tell us a little bit about your background where you from originally?

Nigel Horonzy  1:05
Sure, sure. So born and raised here. Okay, so I’m one of the few people that you’ll probably meet today born and raised in Myrtle Beach in Conway. Horry County boy. Went to schools here. Own Berkshire Hathaway Myrtle Beach Real Estate, as you talked about. We have the Horonzy Construction Group, as well, and the Myrtle Beach Travel Park. So I’m involved with a lot of different businesses in the area in a lot of different boards on top of that.

Rob Clemons  1:30
Now I want to start off with the Myrtle Beach Travel Park. I heard about this. It was a Mega Park of the Year?

Nigel Horonzy  1:36
Mega Park of the Year for the country.

Rob Clemons  1:38
Wow. That’s That’s incredible. Talking about all 50 states. That’s right. In you guys got mega park of the year. How did you do that? I mean, like what got you there?

Nigel Horonzy  1:47
Well, they have certain criterias you know, so you got to check all the boxes, you know, from activities to you know, the way your park looks, you know, all these different boxes that you have to check. And we’ve had the park for quite a while we put a lot of work into it recently. We have a ton of activities. We have a half a mile of ocean front. You know, pools, lazy rivers, indoor pools, stores, bath houses, all types of things. So, you know we got a large lake on the property, freshwater. You know, you can actually be on the lake and see the ocean; one of the few places that you’ll ever find that in Horry County.

Rob Clemons  2:20
Man, that’s amazing. How deep is lake?

Nigel Horonzy  2:22
You know, it’s probably 15 feet or so towards the middle, but it’s not terribly deep.

Rob Clemons  2:28
Yeah, yeah. Sometimes those things are shockingly shallow. You know?

Nigel Horonzy  2:32

Rob Clemons  2:32
I remember when I was growing up. My grandparents had a lake out in Andrews. Believe it or not, the famous town of Andrew, South Carolina.

Nigel Horonzy  2:39

Rob Clemons  2:40
Shout out for anybody, right.

Nigel Horonzy  2:41
Yeah, shout out for Andrews.

Rob Clemons  2:43
But they have this plan in the back. And as a little kid, I was like, oh my god, this is amazing. It was like four feet deep.

Nigel Horonzy  2:48

Rob Clemons  2:48
You can walk through the thing now though.

Nigel Horonzy  2:50
Did you dive into it and figure that out?

Rob Clemons  2:52
I think it was scared to, because there was all kinds of nonsense in that lake. The first time I saw like a snake going through there I was like, “Nah, we’re not going to do that.”

Nigel Horonzy  3:00
Oh yeah, listen, anytime I go to anywhere and I see a snake I’m out. Snakes and alligators.

Rob Clemons  3:05
Man, I’ll tell you there’s something about the way they move. It just doesn’t make things pleasant at all right?

Nigel Horonzy  3:10
Not at all.

Rob Clemons  3:10
And not alligators either. Right?

Nigel Horonzy  3:12

Rob Clemons  3:12
You know, I was walking like, this is true, Nigel. I was walking my dog. About, I want to say was about three months ago now. This is a true story. I’m walking in the morning. And you know, we do this every morning. It’s me and my two dogs and it’s dark out. I woke up at like 4am, right. So I’m looking at my cell phone as I become accustomed to doing and they stop and they’re sniffing. I’m like what are you guys doing? And I look down and there’s an alligator sitting on the side of the road. Not two feet from us. Two feet. And honestly, it shocked me I hadn’t looked at my phone since.

Nigel Horonzy  3:45
Listen, I’m pulling into my neighborhood. We have a lake near, right by our house.

Rob Clemons  3:49

Nigel Horonzy  3:50
And I’m getting close to my house in there as a gator that has to be 12 foot long. And it’s almost, you know, covering the entire street.


Walking across, you know, up high. And I stop and I’m like, “Wow.”

Rob Clemons  4:03
Did you actually like go and wrestle with him? And like grab him up.

Nigel Horonzy  4:06
You know, I thought about it. I thought about it, you know, but I figured I had enough shoes.

Rob Clemons  4:10
You probably had somewhere to be a bit over it. That’s right. Let’s move fast. By the way.

Nigel Horonzy  4:16
I know. I know. You’ve got a zigzag. That’s what they tell you but I have never had that you know opportunity be chased.

Rob Clemons  4:22
Okay, hold on. So I need to know this for sure. So if you’re ever being chased by alligator using you’re supposed to zigzag.

Nigel Horonzy  4:26
Yeah, you’re supposed to zigzag.

Rob Clemons  4:27
No way.

Nigel Horonzy  4:27
That’s what they tell you. They can run faster, but they can’t zigzag.

Rob Clemons  4:30
Gosh, you know, this is what this podcast is all about. It’s the true tips people need to know.

Nigel Horonzy  4:34
That’s right. Life lessons. If you ever get chased by an alligator zigzag, right?

Rob Clemons  4:39
Yeah, exactly. And if you ever get chased by a snake What do you do?

Nigel Horonzy  4:41
Haul ass.

Rob Clemons  4:44
Jump in a tree.

Nigel Horonzy  4:45
Yeah, yeah.

Rob Clemons  4:46
Oh man. That’s awesome. Well, well that sounds great. Congratulations with Travel Park there and that’s pretty amazing. Is there anything that people ever go to the Travel Park and that you just hear over and over like, “I can’t believe you guys have this here.”

Nigel Horonzy  4:57
Well, you know, we get a lot of repeat visitors. So we’ve got families that have been coming for generations now. So the parks about 50 years old at this point. So we got, you know, the grandkids that now come and they go, “Well, I remember this thing here at the park or I remember that.” And they always have a pleasant experience. You know, they got the beauty of both worlds. We you know, like I said, a half mile of ocean front, pristine, in Horry County. We’re right next to the Meher Baba Center, which is 500 acres untouched land.

Rob Clemons  5:26

Nigel Horonzy  5:26
So you know, down the coast is just is untouched. It’s unbelievable.

Rob Clemons  5:29
Unbelievable. You don’t see a lot of that.

Nigel Horonzy  5:31
On the East Coast you don’t.

Rob Clemons  5:33
No. Not at all.

Nigel Horonzy  5:34
Not at all.

Rob Clemons  5:35
That’s awesome. Well, congratulations on that one for sure. Um, you know. I’m a licensed builder by trade as well. So let’s talk a little building industry in Myrtle Beach.

All right. Let’s do it.

So before we got on today, you were you were talking about some of the communities you guys are doing stuff and what are a couple of the hot communities you’re building in?

Nigel Horonzy  5:38
Yeah, so we’re in Boardwalk on the Waterway. We’re doing a couple of houses on the Intracoastal, just closed on a few. We are in Carolina Waterway Plantation. We are in The Bluffs. We are in Covington Lakes East. We’re in Sega Plantation. We are in Wild Wing. We’re actually in Conway doing a few and then we’re about to start four new ones in Tidewater.

Rob Clemons  6:14
Wow, okay. Yeah, Tidewater still has spots?

Nigel Horonzy  6:16
Tidewater, I tell you what Tidewater is a hidden gym. And you know that that golf course to me is one of the best golf courses on the Strand. Absolutely beautiful. You get to play on the creek and you end up on the waterway. And it’s just a great community, all in all.

Rob Clemons  6:30
Is that a private course or can anybody can go out?

Anybody can golf out there.

Yeah, you know, I always felt like, so when I was in homebuilding, we were doing stuff up in Tidewater once in a while, and they get some beautiful, marshfront stuff too. I don’t know if you can build on.

Nigel Horonzy  6:44
Not much, but if there is. You pay out the nose.

Rob Clemons  6:48
Yeah, no doubt. Oh, of course, of course. So you told me you started building back in 2006?

Nigel Horonzy  6:53
Yeah. 2006. Yeah, yeah.

Rob Clemons  6:55
So you came in, right, as the market was really heating up.

Nigel Horonzy  7:00
In, you know, I think I got my real estate license first, and then I got my building license. But at that time, you know, I was broke. And I would do some real estate during the day. And during the evenings, I’d go work on the houses and do the work myself. So I’d install the floors, the tiles, the cabinets, the electrical, you know, do the landscape and the grading, stuff like that. So I’d have to split my time and is, you know, one house at a time here and there.

Rob Clemons  7:25
They took about three years because you’re by yourself?

Nigel Horonzy  7:27
Yeah, yeah. Fortunately, I had a good friend of mine, a mentor that, you know, when I was younger I worked for that was able to help me out. Yeah, kind of kind of guide me.

Rob Clemons  7:36
Right on, right on.

Nigel Horonzy  7:36
It worked out pretty good.

Rob Clemons  7:38
What’s your favorite part of construction? If you have to do it yourself? What’s your favorite part?

Nigel Horonzy  7:42
With my personal hands?

Rob Clemons  7:44
I mean, is it the trim?

Nigel Horonzy  7:45
Bro, I’ve graduated from that.

Rob Clemons  7:46
Oh, you’ve graduated.

Nigel Horonzy  7:50
Listen, what I’ve been told is never take another man’s job.

Rob Clemons  7:52
That’s right. That’s right.

Nigel Horonzy  7:53
Never take another man’s job.

Rob Clemons  7:55
Solid principles here.

Nigel Horonzy  7:56

Rob Clemons  7:57
Well, and I know it’s hard. Like you probably really miss putting down tile and all that stuff. That’s great. Yeah, done this. It’s one of those projects where you start it. And for the first you know, I don’t know, 100 200 square feet. You’re like, oh, yeah, this is kind of fun. And then like, you’re looking at the rest of the house and you got like another 300 feet to do or whatever.

Nigel Horonzy  8:14
Well, electrical is probably my favorite part, too.

Rob Clemons  8:16
Is it really?

Nigel Horonzy  8:16
I was my dad was an electrician.

Rob Clemons  8:18

Nigel Horonzy  8:18
And so I understood it.

Rob Clemons  8:20
Yeah. Well, and that’s cool. Because a lot of people are scared of electrical.

Nigel Horonzy  8:23
Yeah, sure.

Rob Clemons  8:24
I mean, I’ve heard some really good contractors who will just tell me like, “Rob, I do not want to do electrical, anything that can kill me. I’m not into.”

Nigel Horonzy  8:32
You gotta be very careful.

Rob Clemons  8:33
Yeah. Really, really. So as far as a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. One thing I was always curious of, and you probably hear this question from time to time, but it is, is this the Warren Buffett in some form or fashion is involved with?

Nigel Horonzy  8:46
Well, it’s a franchise. Okay. So so, you know, Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett technically owns the franchise.

Rob Clemons  8:51
Okay. Yeah.

Nigel Horonzy  8:52
And we’re independently owned. So you know, we own our office, our, you know, our franchise.


Rob Clemons  8:58

Nigel Horonzy  8:58
It works out nice. We, you know, when I first started in real estate, so it was probably ’04. And we weren’t then we went to the great recession. And I started working on purchasing the company back in 2008.

Rob Clemons  9:12

Nigel Horonzy  9:12
And when we started, you know, grabbed a group of guys and said, “hey, let’s just work on this.” So we started negotiating, Burroughs and Chapin owned at the time, and then went through a CEO change, and those partners dropped out. And finally, it ended up being four of us; Marvin, my current partner and two others. And in 2010, they bailed right before we were going to close on the deal. And then, of course, it was divine intervention because Marvin and I closed in 2010 on it, and we were at Prudential at the time, so we were Prudential Myrtle Beach Real Estate.

Rob Clemons  9:47

Nigel Horonzy  9:48
And so about two years later, Berkshire Hathaway bought Prudential so we went through two name changes, so we had to change from Prudential burrs and shape and to Prudential Myrtle Beach Real Estate about two years later. This is all your signs, right? Yeah. And and I remember Marvin going out and us going out and we wanted to pop. So we changed all the yard signs. You know, you’re talking, you know, 100 you know, plus yard signs and we want to get them all that night, you know, so we had people running around and two years later Berkshire Hathaway bought it then Berkshire Hathaway Myrtle Beach Real Estate, had to go through the same stuff.

Rob Clemons  10:21
Oh my gosh, it’s underrated. When you’re talking about a bunch of those signs. They’re not cheap.

Nigel Horonzy  10:26
No, no, no, they’re getting close to $100 a pop.

Rob Clemons  10:29
Good lord. Oh, my gosh. Well, you know, one thing is, I thought was brilliant. I remember you guys when you came out, because again, I’ve been building probably for around the same time. You know, I’m a builder by trade. I also have my broker’s license. So it’s a little bit about that. I remember seeing that. I thought, Man, this is really cool. Because honestly, no offense to any real estate company, but to have a name like Berkshire Hathaway brings up connotations man. I’m a big fan of the company. And yes, I started looking, I’m like, wow, that’s a great name.

Nigel Horonzy  10:58
Right. Well, you know, we, it’s one of the most… it’s one of the best brands in the world. One of the most respected. You know, if you’re looking at you got Apple, Berkshire Hathaway, you know, it goes like that. It’s the most respected. So we love having the brand and the name. Matter of fact, we’re going to our convention on Saturday, which is Louisville.

Rob Clemons  11:19

Nigel Horonzy  11:19
So they’ll have their big you know, Lou battle. You know how they pick Louisville, but they say yeah, but they say it’s great. You know,

Rob Clemons  11:27
They make great baseball bats out there.

Nigel Horonzy  11:29
I heard that and good whiskey. Or bourbon. Whatever.

Rob Clemons  11:34
Either we’re smashing a little baseball band during some whiskey. You’re in the spot.

Nigel Horonzy  11:37
You’re in this perfect spot right. A lot of those smash houses there.

Rob Clemons  11:41
You know that happens right.

Nigel Horonzy  11:43
Yes, absolutely. So but um, Berkshire Hathaway we’re really excited to be with them. We believe that that is a good brand. You know, at that time, there were no other Berkshire Hathaway’s around. Lots of other companies had, you know, several different owners. So we’ve been very blessed to be a part of it.

Rob Clemons  12:03
And that’s awesome. So they do this countrywide. All the people that have these franchises, they come together for this?

Nigel Horonzy  12:08
And I do believe yes. And then Warren Buffett does own a couple of the big ones himself.

Rob Clemons  12:13
Okay. Wow. That’s a really cool, yeah, I yeah, I think that’s a whole thing in itself, but not to go too deep into it. Tell me what made you guys so successful? Because obviously, you build it from the ground up. And and I asked this question, specifically, because you and I both lived in Myrtle Beach for a while. I’m not born and raised here. But I’ve lived here since I came to college. And I gotta tell you, a lot of people want to get into real estate, and eventually, maybe open their own brokerage. And you and I both know, I mean, how many REALTORS are out there in this area? Right?

Nigel Horonzy  12:43
When you get your tab at the restaurant, you get a business card?

Rob Clemons  12:47
Yeah, exactly. And how many times you hear this, I just got into real estate and I and it’s a beautiful thing. I think it’s a great career for people.

Nigel Horonzy  12:55

Rob Clemons  12:56
A lot of people get into it. And then you know, just don’t have success for one reason or another. Tell me what you believe that you guys get that makes you special?

Nigel Horonzy  13:02
Well, you know, I always tell people when we interview him, that real estate is one of the hardest things that you can do. Now, it’s one of the easiest things to get licensed, you know, it takes longer to get your cosmetology license than it takes to get your real estate license. And you’re dealing with people’s, you know, a lot of times their largest investments. Well, it’s very easy to get into, but very hard to get good at. And what I say is you got to master the repetitious boredom of doing the same activities over and over and over, it’s probably similar to your business. You got guys probably prospecting for clients to get new roofs and things like that. Well, it’s the same with real estate. You have to build be willing to prospect, follow the processes, and listen. And do it over and over and over. Deliver wonderful customer service, then you’ll start to get the repeat clients to it. So you know, the perfect day I always explained to a real estate agent, the perfect day is to come in at eight o’clock prospect from eight to 10, from 10 to 12 follow up on your leads, go to lunch, go on appointments from one to two. If you’re not doing appointments, be preview properties come back take care of whatever paperwork you need. You know.

Rob Clemons  14:12
And I imagine you guys provide training?

Nigel Horonzy  14:14
Oh, Absolutely. We provide everything to them. We give them you know what they need to say? We’re doing objection handlers. Now, you know, we’re doing you know from role playing, you know.

Rob Clemons  14:26
Alright, let’s do one on me. I got to hear this man. Alright, so, alright, so give me an idea of an objection you hear a bunch and and how do you counter it. Just give us one tidbit.

Nigel Horonzy  14:35
Are you willing to cut commission?

Rob Clemons  14:39
Yeah. So you’re asking me I’m the agent?

Nigel Horonzy  14:41
You can I can ask you, are you are you are you willing to cut your commission?

Rob Clemons  14:45
Well as a as a agent, let me tell you, we’re going to work really hard for you, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, or whomever I’m talking to you. And we believe that cutting our commission is actually shortchanging yourself because I want to put every bit of myself into this. This property sell or this property purchase, whatever it is.

Nigel Horonzy  15:03

Rob Clemons  15:03
And there are a lot of things that are incorporated into that. And so as a business, we just found that we’re gonna make a small margin at the end of the day here, but we know that we’re gonna be able to give you the best service possible. That’s what I would say. I don’t know.

Nigel Horonzy  15:15
We’ll ask me the question.

Rob Clemons  15:16
All right, Nigel, would you cut your commission so we can save a little bit of money on this?

Nigel Horonzy  15:21
No. Any other questions?

Rob Clemons  15:24
Best objection handling I’ve ever heard. Can we try this again. Nigel, are you willing to maybe give me back your commission on something, how’s that?

Nigel Horonzy  15:36
Well, let me tell you this. If an agent is willing to cut their commission on the front end, how hard are they going to work for you on the back end?

Rob Clemons  15:44
Yeah, that’s a great question.

Nigel Horonzy  15:46
Your equity is most important thing. Right?

Rob Clemons  15:48

Nigel Horonzy  15:49
So you want that to be protected? Correct.

Rob Clemons  15:50

Nigel Horonzy  15:51
All right. So let’s make that the first thing that we talked about when I arrived tomorrow at one fair enough.

Rob Clemons  15:56
Okay, fair enough. Fair enough.

Nigel Horonzy  15:58
I’ll let you in. You always got to remember, selling is not telling. Yeah, selling is asking questions.

Rob Clemons  16:03
Right. 100%. Okay, well, okay, so now, you know, the real estate business well. This is one that we hear a lot in this business, you know, people not so much of an objection. But people say things like, you know, “do you guys use subcontractors?” Like, you know, as a home builder? Oh, my God, how are you guys? It’s always like a stressful thing. And we’re like, you know, it’s like, you always have to always answer these kinds of things with a question myself. I say, I think you’re asking me this question. Because you want to know who’s doing the work on your roof, right? And then we can go through this. And I’m like, what I would want to know if I were in your shoes are that I got somebody who knows how to install the product, somebody that we work with all the time. I want to know that I have supervision of a Monarch Roofing person over that crew. And I can tell you that we do all those things. And yes, we use subcontractors. A lot of times I think by the end of the day, they’re like, “oh, okay, good.”

Nigel Horonzy  16:53

Rob Clemons  16:53
I’ve heard all these bad things about it. Now I know.

Nigel Horonzy  16:56
Yeah. Right.

Rob Clemons  16:56
So it’s cool that you guys do that. And I’m going to go back to something I’m going to say. I think the training is one of the things that makes most of the great brokerages great.

Nigel Horonzy  17:05

Rob Clemons  17:05
Because a lot of these people that graduated from the real estate, they got their, their their license, and they’re like, Okay, I’m a REALTOR now. What do I do? Right?


Nigel Horonzy  17:13
What I do? Yeah, absolutely. So absolutely. So yes, you gotta walk through, you got to learn your basics first. And then we, you know, take you to the next level of how much or how hard you really want to work more. But, you know, a lot, the majority of the top agents that I’ve trained in, have listened have gone off to make tons of money.

Rob Clemons  17:31

Nigel Horonzy  17:31
You know, I remember taking a you know, a bartender, that was, you know, in bartending and forever, got her into real estate. I think year two, she made $200+,000. And from there, the sky’s the limit, you know.

Rob Clemons  17:45
$200,000 plus in commissions.

Nigel Horonzy  17:46
Yeah. And so these are life changers, you know, for people. You know. If I could double your income, how would that affect you?

Rob Clemons  17:53
Oh, I mean, it makes a huge difference for everybody, right? We can take better care, your family and all.

Nigel Horonzy  17:58
That’s right. Absolutely. So that’s, that’s, you know, we take it from there. And then we also talk about investing because we want our people to invest. You know, we need that residual income coming back. Because you don’t want to be, you know, 80 years old, I guess you could be you could want to be eight years old, right? You know, not there’s people that are out there that are eight years old selling real estate. I’m glad and happy for you. But you know, really, at that point, you want to have some sort of residual income coming in?

Rob Clemons  18:24
Well, I mean, I think this is a big for anybody especially this happens for a lot of great salespeople. You’re great at maybe making a sell making the money, but a lot of people don’t know how to manage money properly. And I think that’s a big part. So that kind of comes into what you guys almost feel like for your employees or I don’t know independent contractors. You want to show them what to do.

Nigel Horonzy  18:45
When they first start getting this tax bills in, it shocks! “I owe the government how much? And I didn’t save what?” Yeah, that’s the first lesson we teach them. Take your money, take this amount, put it to the side, because you’ll need it for taxes.

Rob Clemons  19:00
Yeah. What do you recommend to a REALTOR? What should they be putting away?

Nigel Horonzy  19:02
I mean, at least 25% Yeah, you know, if you start hitting, you know, bigger numbers, you need to put you know, 35% down to that make sense and pay quarterly.

Rob Clemons  19:11
Yeah, well, quarterly you know, yeah, I mean, if you’re blessed enough to be doing that well in real estate definitely need to be looking at some money and I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Nigel Horonzy  19:19

Rob Clemons  19:20
Yeah, that’s cool. Let’s, we can go back to that a little bit. Tell me a little bit about yourself. What does Nigel like to do on his off time just to kind of release some stress release whatever?

Nigel Horonzy  19:30
I’ve been big to traveling, this year, that’s what does it for me. You know, keeps me keeps me sane keeps me eager to come back and do it. been to a lot of cool places. Matter of fact, I I bought a condo in Charleston, back in ’17. So the weekends that I’m not somewhere else, I’m in Charleston. It’s this nice getaway. You go on a Friday, come back on a Sunday and you’re refreshed. That’s it I need that. One of my favorite ones recently was probably Carte Henna, Columbia.

Rob Clemons  19:58

Nigel Horonzy  20:00
That was a different experience in many ways.

Rob Clemons  20:03
And I’ll tell you about that. You can’t just say a different experience.

Nigel Horonzy  20:06
Well, well well can’t get too crazy on it. But But no, we had a, you know, a large house that had a pool in it that was open to you know, the upstairs we had a cook, we had a butler, and an errand guy and in roof top was…

Rob Clemons  20:23
Alright tell me the butler’s name. It wasn’t…

Nigel Horonzy  20:25
Oh my gosh. Well I had to break up my translator on my phone to communicate a lot of the time because I didn’t have my Spanish down.

Rob Clemons  20:34
Okay. Gotcha.

Nigel Horonzy  20:34
So it was kind of fun, you know, trying to talk to people and we had some good friends meet us there went to a… I forget the name of the island. But Pablo Escobar had a big mansion on this island, and to this little restaurant bar. I mean, it was just an experience, you know. A beautiful, beautiful place.

Rob Clemons  20:53
That’s I mean, that’s pretty cool. And have you ever been to Europe, then? Have you gone any of that area?

Nigel Horonzy  20:59
Yeah, I did. Africa.

Rob Clemons  21:01

Nigel Horonzy  21:01
I did a safari. You know, which was absolutely amazing. But we went during migration season. And when I tell you there was like 1000s and millions of zebra and wildebeast moving as far as the eye could see, what’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen?

Rob Clemons  21:17
Wow, that’s awesome.

Nigel Horonzy  21:18
The Amsterdam, London, Paris.

Rob Clemons  21:20
Yeah, yeah.

Nigel Horonzy  21:21
And our islands. You know, this year, we went to Art Basel in Miami for the first time.

Rob Clemons  21:26

Nigel Horonzy  21:26
And if you if you’ve never heard of Art Basil. Art Basil is one of the largest art shows in the world. So people come from all over the world. So they take over South Beach. They take over Wynwood. I mean, it is unbelievable. And I remember we went to this, it was like a shell of the building. And they had an art show in it. So there’s nothing. It’s concrete. And they had art all around the walls. They had a band in their beautiful playing. I mean, it was unbelievable.

Rob Clemons  21:54
They were playing heavy metal.

Nigel Horonzy  21:57
But it was different. It was different. But then there’s just you know, every place that you went, it was like a different art show. It was unbelievable.


Rob Clemons  22:04
Oh man. Yeah, so you sound like a pretty cultured guy. So what’s your favorite art? Are you like that level of art lover? Like I love modern abstract.

Nigel Horonzy  22:13
I just got one. It’s more of like a graffiti art.

Rob Clemons  22:16
Graffiti art?

Nigel Horonzy  22:17
Yeah. And I just bought one from my house and it’s large. And it says,

Rob Clemons  22:21
Like Jackson Pollock graffiti art?

Nigel Horonzy  22:23
Well, if you ever heard of like Alec Monopoly?

Rob Clemons  22:27
Oh, yeah, no, listen, I hate to say this. And for anybody who might be listening, I have just given up all of my art expertise in the last 30 seconds here. Jackson Pollock. Check.

Nigel Horonzy  22:36
Yeah. But I got one and it says, you know, “Love is all you need.” It’s like this graffiti art. I mean, it’s beautiful.

Rob Clemons  22:45
Yeah, that’s, that’s really good. So you just saw this thing. And you’re like, man,

Nigel Horonzy  22:48
I was like, I have that because love is all I need. That is really? That’s what we all need. Right? Yeah. Well, I mean, that’s what the world needs.

Rob Clemons  22:54
A little bit more love.

Nigel Horonzy  22:55
That’s right.

Rob Clemons  22:56

Nigel Horonzy  22:56
That’s right.

Rob Clemons  22:57
Man to say you’re dropping some knowledge on me today.

Nigel Horonzy  22:59
Man. I’m trying.

Rob Clemons  23:02
So so let’s let’s go to go back to some of this traveling stuff. Have you ever been to South of the Border at Dillion?

Nigel Horonzy  23:10
Who hasn’t? What you mean?

Rob Clemons  23:13
I don’t know, man. If you’re going down the East Coast down here. You’re like South of the Boarder.

Nigel Horonzy  23:17
South of the Border. Then you get there and you’re like, “Whoa!” I heard they’re redoing it though? Are they? That’s what I’ve heard. I haven’t been.

Rob Clemons  23:23
It’s been a minute since I’ve been by there.

Nigel Horonzy  23:25
Yeah, Yeah. Yeah. Remember that the tall tower with the sombrero on it. Yeah. Yeah. And then you get there and you’re like, Oh.

Rob Clemons  23:31
I used to joke with my wife. I was like, you know, we should go on our honeymoon here before we got married. She was like, “What’s this South of the Border?” I’m like we should go on our honeymoon there.

Nigel Horonzy  23:38
Yeah, they still got the vibrating beds. Were you put the quarters in.

Rob Clemons  23:42
Yeah. And the weirdest gift shops. But anyway, so anybody who hasn’t been there before, just check it out. You got

Nigel Horonzy  23:49
You got to go. You are in for a treat. For sure.

Rob Clemons  23:53
We went to Cancun years ago.

Nigel Horonzy  23:55
Oh, tell me.

Rob Clemons  23:55
I’ve never gotten to get down like South of the Border, true South of the Border, not Dillion South of the Border. But it was one of these all inclusive resorts.

Nigel Horonzy  24:04

Rob Clemons  24:04
I don’t know if you ever been to one of these.

Nigel Horonzy  24:05
Like a Sandals?

Rob Clemons  24:06
Yeah, man. They’re trying to give you like margaritas like 8am and stuff.

Nigel Horonzy  24:09
Yeah. All the time.

Rob Clemons  24:11
Sir. Would you like some eggs and some margaritas?

Nigel Horonzy  24:13
Yes. Okay.

Rob Clemons  24:15
You’re on vacation you kind of like that right? So we’re down there and and they told us to like no tips. They said no tips. You can’t give any tips. And so like but but here we are, and we and we get like $1.

Nigel Horonzy  24:28

Rob Clemons  24:28
And you throw $1 in there so grateful. We start to feel like real ballers out there.

Nigel Horonzy  24:33
That said they were all coming out. They’re like how can we help you today?

Rob Clemons  24:37
There’s more where this came from. I love that after about a week of they’re leaving really thinking you’re a teen give some solace.

Nigel Horonzy  24:44
Right. That’s right now it was at your favorite place. What’s your favorite?

Rob Clemons  24:48
So my dad was in there for so we grew up and we traveled around we went to the you know, the obviously we’ve been we’ve spent three years in England and so if you’re in England, it’s easy to go over to France, Germany. One of the most Interesting things I think I saw was Luxembourg. Which if you ever go to Luxembourg, they have the Maginot Line and everything. And just to see the way that some real like historic stuff.

Nigel Horonzy  25:11

Rob Clemons  25:11
Those are some of the things that stand out more to me than the than the typical landmarks. You think. Just because I was like, you can almost put yourself in that in that era.

Nigel Horonzy  25:20

Rob Clemons  25:20
Just like be there.

Nigel Horonzy  25:21
Sure. That’s awesome.

Rob Clemons  25:22
Yeah. Kind of cool. Yeah.

Very cool.

But, but but other than that, I think, you know, just just traveling in general, it’s a good thing. And so it’s very cool to hear your, your stuff. So what else do you do? Reading anything good right now?

Nigel Horonzy  25:34
You know, if I had my phone, I tell you, I got several good books that I’ve been doing. I just got the new Tony Robbins book. You know, he’s talking about stem cells. And you know more about health than this one. I got one that is more for your mind, like balancing your mind and your body. You know, we all got those motivational books. You know, we’ve read the grant cardones. Uh, one of the better books that I’ve read the recently I don’t know if you’ve read this one is Bob Iger, who was the chairman of Disney’s called “Ride of a Lifetime.” And it goes through how he transformed Disney from buying, you know, Fox to Lucasfilms to Pixar to, I mean, working with Steve Jobs just mean the whole gamut. And it’s one of the better books. I’ve read it a couple times, just because it’s so interesting.

Rob Clemons  26:20
Yeah. Yeah.

Nigel Horonzy  26:20
And I just took my son down at Disney World. A couple months, about a month or so ago.

Rob Clemons  26:25
Yeah, yeah.

Nigel Horonzy  26:27
Well, whoever said that’s a happiest place on earth is full of they do we can do we got a beef in here. On your on your saying it is the most expensive place on earth and one of the busiest place on Earth.

Rob Clemons  26:38
Also amonth the hottest places.

Nigel Horonzy  26:41
Yea, yes. And they’re so smart. Now they got you put this little bracelet on. And you got to have the bracelet to open your door.

Rob Clemons  26:57
Oh, okay.

Nigel Horonzy  26:47
But they put your credit card on there. So when you go to get your food, you swipe it or when anything so you’re like, “Oh, this is easy. We just keep on swiping.” Yeah. Then you get your bill. And then you’re like, “Oh, y’all, y’all got me. Got me.”

Rob Clemons  27:01
Well, I do want to ask you this. So so going into the Disney World, and then I want to go back to that book. Because

Nigel Horonzy  27:06
yeah, yeah,

Rob Clemons  27:06
there’s something I heard there. So if you ever been to Disney World before?

Nigel Horonzy  27:11
I have, it’s been a probably eight years since last went.

Rob Clemons  27:16
It’s come a long way, hasn’t it?

Nigel Horonzy  27:18
I mean, it’s amazing.

Rob Clemons  27:19
Those parks are pushing each other about talking about competition, Universal Studios and Disney pushing each other man.

Nigel Horonzy  27:25
Unbelievable. I mean, just how they, you know, I was going through the Animal kingdom in the have the what is it called the Avatar land. Now, when I look at it, I’m like, I’m amazed. I’m like, Well, how did they build this? You know, you look at him, like how did they? How did construction? You know, how did they do this? Because that’s the first thing I see. I’m like, gosh, that’s amazing.

Rob Clemons  27:46
Yeah, yeah, you know, so I own the business. I always talk about this talk about everything matters, every detail matters. And it can all come back and good profits and I will share a story with you. So Avatar was a response of Disney in my in our know the whole backstory. But before that Disney and universal were kind of bidding on the whole Harry Potter thing. Yes. And universal went out and had a crazy successful run with that and still are of course, and I was watching them when they were constructing the Harry Potter land. And I watched a guy who was doing the construction, drawing each detail out of the the mortar to try and make it look like old stone. And I was like man, that’s attention to detail. Giant placing at one guy just just literally quarterly. And then you look at what it turned into the money that it has generated. Yeah. And I think this is a lesson for all businesses, right? We see these things and sometimes you skip the things that are not you don’t deem them to be big enough to be important in this right. Everything matters. The details.

Nigel Horonzy  28:48
Oh, man, it’s all in the details. And in the brings the longevity to

Rob Clemons  28:53
Yeah, 100 Absolutely. always innovating. That’s right. You always got to be ahead and I think the lessons that we learn in business Yeah. Oh, absolutely.

Nigel Horonzy  29:00
You know, when we’re out there we went to the Magic Kingdom. And next to Space Mountain they’re building this massive like roller coaster building is like twice the size of Space Mountain which is already big. Wow. And I’m like wow, these people just keep on pushing themselves and pushing themselves to be better you know? And I think it’s amazing it’s a good lesson that we could all learn to see how you know you always look at the people that do better than you or the successful people out there in that’s what you want to be you want to emulate that in the way that these guys push into think about this. That that’s very small. There’s parts aren’t in their entire business. Yeah, that is one of the smaller parts. That’s right. And look how good they do. Gosh, it’s unbelievable.

Rob Clemons  29:43
I want to check out this book he said was Iger is

Nigel Horonzy  29:45
His name is Bob Iger. That’s called ride of a lifetime right of a lifetime. Yeah, I need some royalties bomb. I’m promoting you it’s probably gonna blow up. You’re gonna blow up. Bro. I promise you don’t worry We got to hear

Rob Clemons  30:02
but by that dinner tonight so so Nigel as we get towards the back end of the show, and this is great information man and I could have you on anytime I feel like we could talk forever. Tell me what you want people to know about yourself and Berkshire Hathaway, what what makes you guys special? What would you want your customers? Well?

Nigel Horonzy  30:19
Well, our company is a very special company. In my eyes, we pay attention to details, we pay attention to our customers, we try to put ourselves above a step above the average, you know, so we expect from our agents to really be that next, you know, the best that they can possibly be right. And we want to deliver the best service that we can possibly can for our clients. That’s what we’re here for, you know, we want them to come back and come back you know, being you know, our company we make our own name in the town up here Berkshire Hathaway Well, if we mess up, you’re going to hear about it. Yeah. And you know, versus some of the other companies where there’s you know, multiples but you know, this far we’ve been able to hold a very strong name and we’ll continue to in our company, for me in my team is, you know, we’re here to help you from your sales from your building, to give you a you know, a first class experience Epsom all around from, you know, the businesses that we own.

Rob Clemons  31:19
And I can tell you this, I mean, I know people that work at your company, I’m no Marvin Hide for quite some time.

Nigel Horonzy  31:23
Wonderful Guy. Shout out to Marvin!

Rob Clemons  31:25
100% shout out! He’s a great guy and up. And I gotta tell you, I mean, it really is a great atmosphere out there when I go and see the people you guys are hiring. What would you say if you were in a screening…

Nigel Horonzy  31:36
You need to see the new office by the way!

Rob Clemons  31:37
I do want to see this. I mean, you said state of the art?

Nigel Horonzy  31:41
State of the art.

Rob Clemons  31:41
When you walk, is there like a hologram?

Nigel Horonzy  31:43
We’ve got the green wall of moss and you know, from the glass doors frosted. You know, we got a phone booth. We had a phone booth up stairs; everybody needs a phone booth.

Rob Clemons  31:55
100%. Is it like one of those old London phone booth?

Nigel Horonzy  31:57
No, we made it more modern to kind of fit our vibe. But it is when you go in there it’s soundproof. And so if you need to have that private conversation or you know, you could just walk in if you need to, you know have.

Rob Clemons  32:08
Now this sounds pretty, pretty ritzy. Man. You sound like Google right now to me a little bit. Do you guys have relaxation pots in there?

Nigel Horonzy  32:14
You know if we had the room… if we had the room? We’re a little tight right now. But a little tight right now.

Rob Clemons  32:21
You don’t look too bougie to your customers.

Nigel Horonzy  32:22
Yeah, he’s… he’s in the salt pod right now. It’ll be up 30 premiere? Yeah.

Rob Clemons  32:30
No, that’s really cool. I definitely want to come check this office as it is. Is it open too late? So I could just come out?

Nigel Horonzy  32:36
Yeah. Oh, absolutely. We’d love to.

Rob Clemons  32:38
We’d have to do like a live podcast from there.

Nigel Horonzy  32:41
Listen, yeah, I would like to invite you to one.

Rob Clemons  32:43
Alright. Cool. Let’s definitely put that on the books. Let me ask you a question. If you were gonna describe your company culture in one word, and I’m gonna say one word, you didn’t cheat and do more? What would it be?

Nigel Horonzy  32:54
Ooh, that’s a that’s a good question.

Rob Clemons  32:58
I just stumped Nigel!

Nigel Horonzy  33:03
I think service is always something that’s very big to us. I think our expertise, our, you know, a step above. So I would start there, we got a we got a lot of other things that we could say about it. But I think our professionalism is probably the most important thing. We’re very, we’re very professional. I’m probably the most dressed downer, or craziest dressed in my office.

Rob Clemons  33:31
And you’re looking pretty good!

Nigel Horonzy  33:34
I’m coming a little more, a little more professionally, old school. Professionally dressed, I guess.

Rob Clemons  33:41
Well, I gotta say, you know, in one thing I have noticed, and again, I don’t know how, like how hardcore you guys are on dress code. But you know, this is one of the few areas where I’m just sharing stuff for my family and the way they talk. But you get a lot of agents in Myrtle Beach, you know, the word flip flops work and like, you know, shorts and stuff.

Not at Berkshire Hathaway.

Not at Berkshire. And you know what I tell you, you know, I know it works for some people. But I always look to my mom, when I’m looking for, you know how a customer at the base level feels. My mom’s always like, I just don’t like the way they look. I like the guy with the shirt tie. He looks right. And that’s where my mom’s going.

Nigel Horonzy  34:17
Up until about two years ago, everybody was wearing ties, you know, everybody ran in the office. And I think COVID kind of changed a little bit of everything and how people presented themselves and so now you’re starting to see a culture, you know, a little more dressed down. Have you noticed that?

Rob Clemons  34:33
Yeah, 100%.

Nigel Horonzy  34:34
A little more dress down, but then you can still dress it up.

Rob Clemons  34:37
You can still dress down a little and still look sharp. Yeah, and I think that’s the key. Right?

Nigel Horonzy  34:42
That’s right. That’s right.

Rob Clemons  34:43
That’s awesome. They’re gonna spend a lot of money with you. They want to make sure that you’ve got your stuff together.

Nigel Horonzy  34:46
I want the guy with a tie versus a guy with flip flops if I spend a lot of money.

Rob Clemons  34:51
I got you. I got you. That’s awesome. Nigel. It’s been awesome having you on today.

Nigel Horonzy  34:55
Thank you so much. Great information.

Rob Clemons  34:57
It’s really cool to be talking to a local fellow..

Nigel Horonzy
That’s right.

Rob Clemons
…who’s made it big. And so definitely will love to have you on again. His name is Nigel. He is with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. Congratulations on everything. Thanks for being on with us.

Nigel Horonzy
Thank you, my brother.

Rob Clemons
All right. And this is Rob Clemons signing out with Crown Connections.

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