Crowning Connections: The All Powerful

It’s International Women’s Month and we love celebrating some of the women in leadership of the building trades. President and CEO of SunCoast Building Products & Services, Inc, Lesley Collins Hill stopped by Monarch Roofing to chat with long time friend, Rob Clemons on Crowning Connections Podcast. Lesley shares how became President, her personal passions and the growth of her business. Listen in!

Rob Clemons 0:08
Welcome to Crowning Connections with Rob Clemons is International Women’s Month. So a big focus of this month is we want to talk about powerful women in business and powerful women in general. But so nobody better to have with me then Leslie Hill from SunCoast Gutters. Welcome, and we are happy to have you on the show today.

Leslie Hill 0:28
Yeah, the all powerful.

Rob Clemons 0:30
All powerful. I mean, you really aren’t like lightning bolt, shoot out your hands half the time. And when you’re not doing gutters, you’re like fighting crime on the weekends and stuff.

Leslie Hill 0:40
I live in downtown Conway. So…

Rob Clemons 0:41
Well, yeah. They’re doing pretty good, though. Oh, that’s best. It really is. It’s a good group. They’re like LAPD. Yeah, actually.

Leslie Hill 0:51
It’s funny, she said that, because I was just telling somebody this morning that I’m going to send Chief Long a acknowledgement letter that I’ve noticed some things in the last several months about downtown Conway, and in that I’m really, really seeing an amazing effort on their part. So it’s pretty cool.

Rob Clemons 1:10
I think that is cool. And you really get to talk about this stuff. Because you know, sometimes they’re making these little improvements behind the scenes and people just don’t see it. And you know, just a simple thank you goes a long way.

Leslie Hill 1:21

Rob Clemons 1:21
Absolutely. Well, Leslie, I’ve known you for a number of years. I mean, we’ve been going to Home Builders Association meetings and all this stuff for a long time. But for those, the two or three people who don’t know who you are in the world, just a little bit about yourself how you got into gutters?

Leslie Hill 1:36

Rob Clemons 1:39
You know it’s going to be good if she’s laughing.

Leslie Hill 1:43
Actually, it’s interesting. I married my husband when I was 17, and married him when I was 19. And my husband, Darrell, who is my vice president, and business partner, and has been my marital partner, a business partner now for 36 years technically.

Rob Clemons 2:03
One I got to get that even though he’s the vice president, who is the president, me? Alright, just want to make sure we set the stage properly. That’s right. If the all our international women’s minds, this is why, you know, Vice President, your president, all right,

Leslie Hill 2:17
and now pay you in and really, for the first we actually reincorporated about 10 years ago, and change some things because at that time, we were doing shouter, shovin mirrors and some things like that. But um, but that is when actually they’re all we were sitting in an in lawyer’s office, and we were reincorporating the company, and he looks at me, we’d always been fit 5050 And he looked at me and he goes, I want you to have the company. And I said, What do you mean have the company and he said, Well, I want you to have controlling interest, and our accountants time. So that’s a good idea, because it’s be a female owned and operated business. He said, You do a great job. I like the way you handle things. My job is out in the field. That’s my expertise. That’s his wheelhouse. Oh, yeah. He said, This is not my wheelhouse. He said, so I’ll take 49 You do 51 You kind of knocked me over with a feather. I still get dheireadh talk about it. Because I couldn’t believe that he had put that kind of, you know, that kind of faith in me. For sure. And, and like I said, we’ve been together for a long, long time, Darrell, is not it’s really hard. A lot of people can’t believe that we run a sub contracting company together and that we’ve been married and we have a happy marriage. Yeah, because we never are apart. I mean, you know, that’s why I have to have a big house.

Rob Clemons 3:40
Right? You live in this 40,000 square foot house so

Leslie Hill 3:45
you stay up stay he stays upstairs and you stay downstairs I said well, we gotta have some

Rob Clemons 3:50
software in there but yeah, we still sleep

Leslie Hill 3:53
together all that night sometimes. So I’d like to do my thing at night and I watch my shows and he watches his shows upstairs. But um but yeah, so it’s been it was really really sweet I thought of him and and it made me really feel good about the fact and my husband I will say this he really is good about giving women their their do I mean he he’s all for he anything I’ve ever wanted to do in life. He said go for it knock yourself out. Just don’t ask me to come

Rob Clemons 4:25
Yeah, that’s what he asked me to come to the whatever the event you’re going to is and I’ll say this I know Darrell a little bit and he is he’s the can do Guy Yeah, he can do anything with his hands make anything happen?

Leslie Hill 4:39
And he just likes the whole porch on our 100 over 100 year old home. He just replaced the whole porch and one day in one day and stained it

Rob Clemons 4:47
man I mean I gotta tell you you know he’s a good husband to have around right? But then but I know you guys well enough to know he’s like the you know fix anything guy and do all that stuff. And you are the the marketing wing and the people person and all that good. stuff. So it’s good to know he is

Leslie Hill 5:02
really, really, really good looking his beautiful blast, but he’s really quiet. He’s dreamy.

Rob Clemons 5:09
Okay, so we’ve established, right? Well, so that’s cool. So you guys got into the business and he gave you the 51. And I think that’s a great call on his half. So then you’ve established this great business and you guys have been around doing great things for a long time. Let’s go back to the HBA stuff. Home Builders Association for those who don’t money

Leslie Hill 5:30
ever spent, yeah, unite. It’s a great, great. Well, that’s

Rob Clemons 5:33
how we met each other years ago. Oh, yeah. Elaborate a lot of and we and we’ve given each other business a lot so you can see how it works out. Tell me. You know, what, why did you get into the Home Builders Association in the first place?

Leslie Hill 5:44
Well, to be honest with you, I know you guys are celebrating your 15 Yeah,

Rob Clemons 5:48
15. One Five. Excited for y’all.

Leslie Hill 5:51
We actually will be 25 years, this is coming. I mean, not

Rob Clemons 5:55
not to brag or anything. But

Leslie Hill 5:57
let me tell you, this was the funny thing. I was offered. I was I had Tammy Elvis friend of mine had been trying to get me to join the chamber and Conway and she had they were involved in, you know, in the HBA. And so and had tried for years. And for me to do it, and I just I don’t have time for that I don’t have I was raising my children. My daughter was in pageants at the time. And I was one of those notorious pageant moms, I was like, actually, reality show for a short stint about all that that’s a whole nother story for another, we’re circling back around. But anyways, and so I was super busy raising my children and running the company. So I didn’t, I just felt like it was one thing I just didn’t have time for. So let me just say though, dama I wished I had done it. years like I think I’ve been in now for almost action might be having a random bursary coming up in there. I think I’ve been in there almost 10 years now. Well, um, but it’s, it was just awesome. It’s been an awesome opportunity for the very minute that I got in it. I joined for the very reasons everybody else joins for networking, and to be part of a community of subcontractors and contractors. And then also the network’s now that now we just branch right out, you know, we’ve got realtors, we’ve got you know, other companies, we’ve got all kinds of printing companies and and like you said, Mark, people have marketing tools. I mean, he’s just Yeah, so um, yeah, I’m so glad that I’m in there. Like I said, I would have done it years ago, if I’d known

Rob Clemons 7:31
a lot. A lot of people usually asked me when they would come into the first meeting, they’re like, you know, how to maximize this, and always say the same thing. You know, it’s like, you have to get involved. And I noticed that with you early on, got into a committee, and when you get into the committee to meet other people, and then you work together a little bit more. And now when you go to the meetings, you actually know people. So

Leslie Hill 7:50
one time I was chairman of like six committees.

Rob Clemons 7:53
Yeah, exactly. Right. And a little known fact is you’re super super shy. So when you go to them. All right. I don’t know. But yeah, so but but no. So it’s been great. And we kind of been on board served together. Oh, you

Leslie Hill 8:08
and I, yeah. If you notice, if anytime anybody has to speak at a meeting, they always come to Robert to to do their speaking and the ramping up of everyone

Rob Clemons 8:18
knows a lot of pressure, you know, want to go in and just like have a cup of coffee. Listen, and then it’s like Rob, what do you think? Yeah.

Leslie Hill 8:26
To stand up? Yeah.

Rob Clemons 8:28
Which is my specialty. Yes.

And then it’s just magic. It is. So let’s circle back around. You said something that I think you’re I’d like to hear more about so your daughter with the pageant. Yeah. You tell us a little bit about being like how you guys got into that because I think you said she was on she was part of that reality.

Leslie Hill 8:52
Oh, yeah, absolutely. She was actually part of the pilot, okay. And from that, she ended up doing a lot of things. She ended up going to California she did a lot of magazine covers and that sort of thing. And she’s actually back end up ended up in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she worked under, like with a manager for a bunch of sport clip corporations and she ended up being a regional and doing all this stuff. And then she came back and she’s here now and she opened up dapper downtown, which is a little barbershop Well, I’ll say Barber, it’s a man’s it’s a men’s salon. Okay, not a barber. She’s a cosmetologist and massage therapist. Okay, so anyway, really cute little place. And she’s, you know, she’s doing that now. But But yeah, so we did that. And that was interesting, because that sorta when, because if anybody says that pageants aren’t political, they are Oh, and that’s kind of when I started looking into the politics of things, kind of, you know, seeing how things work. And during that time, a lot of she actually was doing Donald Trump’s pageant at the time he owned the pageant system.

Rob Clemons 10:00
No way she was. Does she meet Trump?

Leslie Hill 10:03
Yes, she did. We also went to California to Miss Teen USA. Okay. And they actually Yvonne, Ivanka, all of them. Were sitting on the front row. So we have met them.

Rob Clemons 10:14
Oh, wow. So yeah, what’s he like in person? Let me guess he’s like super sweet?

Leslie Hill 10:18
He’s so cool.

Rob Clemons 10:19
No, really? Okay, cool.

Leslie Hill 10:20
My daughter loves him. In fact, she’ll tell you he’s opened up so many doors for so many young women in the world and, and obviously, very, very nice family. And I know he can be crass, and he can just tell it like it is. And some people don’t like that personality. But but you know, when you when you weigh out the good and the bad, there’s a way more good than there is bad. We all have a little bad and a little bit, right. Listen, I can be a real pain in there.

Rob Clemons 10:48
No, that is. I don’t believe that.

Leslie Hill 10:51
I just caused me the B word at least once a month.

Rob Clemons 10:56
The B word that would be…

Leslie Hill 11:00
Now remember that we work together!

Rob Clemons 11:01
That’s, I mean, that’s true. The fact that you guys work together he I mean. Yeah, it’s kind of it’s kind of rough. What’s the name of the reality show?

Leslie Hill 11:12
Yeah, it was called King of the Crown.

Rob Clemons 11:14
King of the Crown.

Leslie Hill 11:14
And it came on after Toddlers and Tiaras.

Rob Clemons 11:17

Leslie Hill 11:17
And I think there used to be Netflix used to have it. And I don’t know, and I think I’m not really sure my daughter could tell me who all has it now. But but you if you Google it, you’ll see it and you’ll see my daughter and I on there. And it’s quite entertaining. It’s pretty funny.

Rob Clemons 11:32
So you’re a pageant mom? Is your your WHY SO? Is this a fair representation of pageant moms: you’re standing back in the crowd and you kind of like doing the “turn now girl.”

Leslie Hill 11:43
For me, um, I usually had Kaylee ready when she got there, so that I could go in and sit down and be cool.

Rob Clemons 11:51
Okay. Okay, so..

Leslie Hill 11:52
You know me Rob. I like to be cool.

Rob Clemons 11:54
All right. Oh, I do know you’re cool. Like, where you bet. They’re just like drinking a cup of tea and just kind of like.

Leslie Hill 12:01
Tea and then I had my flask.

Rob Clemons 12:03
Oh, yeah. Your flask. But you know, no alcohol in it. And she just doing it for the effect. Yeah,

Leslie Hill 12:10
I was like, Yeah, I always carried a big purse.

Rob Clemons 12:14

Leslie Hill 12:15
And I had Mama’s little helper in there.

Rob Clemons 12:17
Oh. Good tips to know for the people. So but like so as far as I know, she’s when she’s doing the pageants. Was there any time that you felt like, and so I just want to get into life of this. Was there any time where you’re like, “Man, she got robbed.” I think like the judges like are totally….

Leslie Hill 12:37
All the time. Yeah. A lot. And that happens to not only her.

Rob Clemons 12:40

Leslie Hill 12:41
But I saw other girls get robbed. Yeah, it just happens sometimes. And yeah, I’m telling you it is. There’s a way to play games, guys. And I will tell you something. And this is, this is what I’ve learned. And it and I’ve learned it very young in life. Because if you ask me about my resume, be crazy. It will take all day. I’ve done a lot of stuff. And in my life, a lot of stuff. Yeah. And one thing I have learned, take away from this ladies, is this: There is always a game to be played. And it’s whoever plays it the best wins. End of the day, good. Just the way it rolls.

Rob Clemons 13:19
That’s a good tip. Good tip. Do you are I so I want to hear more about that. Before we move on. I need to know one good pageant mom tip. Because I’ve heard about Vaseline on the teeth. I’ve heard about like, are these wives tells like tell tell us something that people need to know,

Leslie Hill 13:36
A pageant moms tips, the best one?

Rob Clemons 13:39
Yeah. Don’t use too much bronzer.

Leslie Hill 13:42
If I learn anything, this is a good, okay. If you’re a pageant mom, and your mother with a daughter, obviously. Then you need to remember this. Love her. Make sure she’s having a good time. And remind her every time she goes on the stage of how beautiful she is. And that it doesn’t matter. Because at the end of the day, it’s only three or four people’s opinion of them. Yeah. And that’s not the opinion of the world. And that is something I really took away from that.

Rob Clemons 14:16
Man, super cool, super cool advice. And I think honestly, you could probably apply that to more than just pagents. Football: do I enjoy it. Yeah, exactly.

Leslie Hill 14:25
I would tell that to any woman that walks into an interview or anything. Just remember that’s that person’s opinion of you. It doesn’t mean that’s gonna be the next person’s opinion of you.

Rob Clemons 14:36

Leslie Hill 14:36
And I also believe God opens and shuts doors in your life. And you know, if somebody shuts the door on you, don’t run after them.

Rob Clemons 14:44
Mm hmm. Yeah.

Leslie Hill 14:45
Bye bye. See Ya.

Rob Clemons 14:47
Yeah, it’s a blessing. They did. Yeah. Good points. Hey, so let’s go back into you know, talking about politics, right.

Leslie Hill 14:53

Rob Clemons 14:54
You and I have talked about this before. I know we even went to some you know, politician you know, like information school at one point or something like that. Tell me…

Leslie Hill 15:02
I could totally see you as our new president and me being your press secretary.

Rob Clemons 15:06
I mean, I’m all in, you know, like, I need to think about my what my pulpit it’s gonna be. Yeah. I mean, so you know, and it’s funny like you hear this stuff, sometimes, you know, people say, oh, you should run for politics. And I’m like, I could be the greatest tyrant of all times, you don’t know. If you know me, I’m probably not a great tyrant. But…

Leslie Hill 15:30
You’re a very fair and wonderful person.

Rob Clemons 15:32
Well, I appreciate that.

Leslie Hill 15:33
I’ve always thought that about you.

Rob Clemons 15:34
Well, I appreciate that. And, you know, I I honestly think, you know, when you told me that you were thinking about doing this at some point, I think it’d be a great position for you. And and as a woman, you’re talking about International Women’s Month, powerful women. Why? Why would you consider doing it? I mean, are there certain things that you believe, yeah, should be different? I mean, tell us a little bit about what do you think.

Leslie Hill 15:54
Yeah, I’m a huge proponent of helping in support of domestic violence shelters. We don’t have one in Orange County right now. And I also want a safe haven for people who have been trafficked? Well, things like that are very, very important to me, but I’ll be honest with you. And on the opposite side of the spectrum, being in the business that I’m in, I’m also wanting to protect my field and make sure that the field that we’re in, stays protected, because my son, eventually we’ll take over our business, and I want to leave them something. And I want to do that. And I think that that would be something that I would, you know, kind of foster as well is, you know, kind of make sure that I’m looking after our industry. Yeah, no, it’s it’s amazing. We can’t wait. We’ve been taking a lot of hit lately. That I don’t think is do us?

Rob Clemons 16:51
Well, I mean, yeah, we talked about this before, I mean, the end, the end buyer is the one who always gets hurt, right. And, you know, without going too deep into it, we know that in this country, the price of homes just keeps going up and keeps getting higher. And the concern always was when you know, it’s, it’s in a person’s spirit to own their own place. You know, I mean, kind of the day, you want to know, you can lay your head somewhere that you own. And and we’re always concerned that what happens when the average person can’t afford to own their own home anymore, right. And now they’re just paying rising rents and things. So I think that’s a thing that people lose track of sometimes that’s what the Builders Association is about. We’re always trying to make sure we’re keeping housing affordable, while still having good principles. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. Well, so as far as Leslie Hill, you know, talk to us about what you do when you’re not working on gutters running businesses, doing politics in HBase. And everything else.

Leslie Hill 17:47
I have I love to my biggest thing I love interior design, okay. And it follows me on Instagram or Facebook. Like they know that’s, that’s my second love. And it’s something that I really, really enjoy. Do I have I even said at some point that I may do that in retirement? Fun. Yeah. I enjoy it so much. And then my husband and I love to antique. We have a we have a traveling little we have a little RV, we sometimes will ride around and just go to crazy places and we love to define great artifacts. Okay, that would cost like, like we would see somewhere for you know, hundreds of dollars. Yeah. And we’ll find it somewhere the same thing. Actually. Even some that are even older for like 10 bucks. No, it just depends on where it is.

Rob Clemons 18:34
What’s. What’s the best thing you’ve ever found when you were in antiquing? I mean are the most valuable or whatever.

Leslie Hill 18:39
Um, I think my mug man, I have a mugman collection in my house.

Rob Clemons 18:46
Okay, I know now you’re gonna have to enlighten me. What is it mud man collection?

Leslie Hill 18:50
A MudMan. They are Chinese. Little Man.

Rob Clemons 18:56

Leslie Hill 18:56
That are molded in Clayton sculptured and they’re really really unique. Every knot unit is hard to find to alike. Okay, once a while you will and use if you do that. It’s been a mold of somebody making it vintage. Like in other words, somebody might have made some in the 60s and 70s or something. But what you want to find are the old ones.

Rob Clemons 19:15
The old mudmen.

Leslie Hill 19:16
The old mudman.

Rob Clemons 19:17
Is this kind of like like if you buy a beanie baby in 2022 It’s worth nothing.

Leslie Hill 19:20

Rob Clemons 19:21
But then if you get one for like, I don’t know, whatever year there were something.

Leslie Hill 19:23
Yeah, that was something it’s kind of like that. But but they’re they’re considered antiques.

Rob Clemons 19:27

Leslie Hill 19:28
Usually. And that cut there, but those are fun. I like to my husband and I collect those.

Rob Clemons 19:33
Whatever it what’s a valuable mudman go for?

Leslie Hill 19:37
Well, I’ve seen him go was highs, like $2,000 Really one of these.

Rob Clemons 19:43
Okay, all right. Yeah.

Leslie Hill 19:44
I don’t have any of those. I was gonna say

Rob Clemons 19:45
There’s probably one sit in some ways at it.

Leslie Hill 19:47
I’m sure.

Rob Clemons 19:48
And I don’t even know right? I have no clue. You know what else a little kid. Okay, now I’m gonna go off the script here a little when I was a little kid. Have you ever heard of the Honus Wagner baseball card?

Leslie Hill 19:56
That name is familiar. My son, I’ve heard him talk about that I think.

Rob Clemons 20:00
So this is a 1908 baseball card if I’m not mistaken, and Honus Wagner did this thing where he said he was they used to call them tobacco cards because we’re gonna lose tobacco cans. And Honus Wagner was a big, you know, anti anti tobacco kind of a guy. So he asked for them to remove all of his cards. So there were only so many really nice ones in the country like mint condition. And, and you kept hearing these stories when I was a little kid and baseball card collector, they would be like, you know, I found a Honus Wagner you know, in my in my my warehouse. So I mean, I got I searched every frickin old person. I never found a Honus Wagner baseball card. God dang it. But I gotta tell you, those things are worth like a million dollars or something. I think absolutely, probably way more than that.

Leslie Hill 20:46
In the things that you can find. So yeah, I do like to do that.

Rob Clemons 20:49
If you find a Honus Wagner baseball card while you’re antiquing? Well, you just call me out. Let me know. I might even buy it for I’ve got a smaller budget. A million dollars.

Leslie Hill 21:01
Say, Rob, Paul Martin. Yeah.

Rob Clemons 21:04
That’s exactly what I was asking you. Well, very cool stuff. Lesley as we get towards the back end of the show, you know, because we could talk all day by year 100%. So tell me just something that you would want your customers to know about you, your company, anything like that, that you think you will want them to really be out there.

Leslie Hill 21:26
Well, we’re family owned and operated. And we will be celebrating our 25th year next year. Congratulations. By the way, it’s amazing it is and and we think it’s pretty cool.

Rob Clemons 21:36
I mean, you start this business when you’re one year old, I’ve heard.

Leslie Hill 21:43
You’re really nice, nicer the older you get. Oh man. Yeah. Man, I can’t wait to see you when you’re 100.

Rob Clemons 21:50
Yeah, when I was like, 20, I was out here talking insults everybody. Amazing, we’re still friends.

Leslie Hill 21:58
Now you’ve always been a good good guy. But yeah, and, um, and customer service is very important to us. Obviously, right now we’re experiencing the same thing everybody else is experienced. And we have, you know, help no help zero help. So you know, we do appreciate people who are very patient with us, because we are really trying our best to do our best work. The problem, the one thing I will say is a lot people don’t know about our industry is that I think a lot of times people think gutter work is easy work. And that it’s it’s brainless work. And it’s not. I mean, you can really mess up somebody’s roof, you can really mess up their foundation, you can mess up a whole lot of stuff. Because anytime you’re directing water, you better know where it’s going. And it better be going in the right way. And if you’re putting up gunner, you better know how to hang it. Because if you drill through somebody’s shingles, that’d be good.

Rob Clemons 22:54
It’s never a popular, right.

Leslie Hill 22:56
So it is a skill tray. And so, you know, obviously we try, we will train on the job for people who are interested in that kind of, you know, venture, but he always tell people remember, when somebody is training you for a position, they’re also training you and given you a skill trade, they’re giving you education. So you know, you’re not going to come out of the gate making 1000 $2,000 a way to learn. But once you learn it, you can make 1000 to $202,000 a week. I mean, you know, most of my guys, you know, make anywhere from 15 to 2200 a week, which is really good money. And also we have benefits, we offer all the same benefits as the large companies do. And so, you know, that’s our biggest thing right now. I just appreciate my clients like monarch roofing. Yeah, absolutely. Who are always you guys have and the thing is, is I love loyalty. And you guys have been fiercely loyal to us. And, and we’ve been very loyal to you. Absolutely. And, and like I said, that’s one thing that is really important to us as a company is we like to do business with people who are loyal and honest. And and we try to do in kind, same thing.

Rob Clemons 24:06
I appreciate a couple of things you said there one of them really spoke to me is that, you know, look, we’re in an industry where there’s a lot of non quality competition that comes out. People just want to get into this stuff and underestimate how hard it is to run a business and do things properly. Absolutely. You said you asking customers to have a little bit of patience sometimes. And what we mean is customers King, we all care about our customers, but but to understand that, you know, there are some bad contractors out there. But when you find the good ones, we do want to do the right thing and materials are hard to come by right now. Right labor is hard to come by. But a lot of times I tell people like you know I don’t want to make you the guinea pig while I hire another employee just to get you done a little faster.

Leslie Hill 24:46
Exactly right. Right. Let me tell you, I know you guys have been on the opposite end of that and I have to and now you know I always tell people it’s Well, I can’t use that word online. But anyway, it’s it’s all and giggles to somebody. giggles Yeah, that’s right. I’m gonna say I think you don’t want anybody open on your house.

Rob Clemons 25:09
I think I’m reading you right? Through the PG version.

Leslie Hill 25:16
Yeah, because the thing is, is and that’s what I tell people. Look, I would rather send my husband, my son Mike, to take care of this right now then to send a new guy that we’ve only had on the job for a couple weeks. He really doesn’t even know what downspout from an elbow. Yeah. And and so it might take a little longer but but I always tell people, when you wait for something, usually it’s worth the wait. So if somebody can do something super fast for you, and they can get you in the next week, then you better check it.

Rob Clemons 25:47
Yeah, yeah, gotta check that out. Especially,

Leslie Hill 25:50
I think in today’s climate, really

Rob Clemons 25:51
100%. And also, just a good shout out. You are hiring. And it sounds like you take care of your employees. And that’s important.

Leslie Hill 25:59
So are you big time and I love your ads, by the way.

Rob Clemons 26:03
Oh, thank you. Yeah, we’ve been working on shout out to the marketing team over there. Anyway.

Leslie Hill 26:11
Y’all are a little bigger. Yeah, a little bigger than us. But we don’t have our marketing team or Megan who is also the Office Admin, the GM the plants girl. She is the… I tell her all the time she saw the master what she’s the master of of all trades, you know, or whatever. But she does everything. And so if you call our office that’s who you’ll get Megan or Crystal. We have Crystal now too.

Rob Clemons 26:38
No, by the way, I mean, my gosh, you’re hitting some gold here. So International Women’s month.

Leslie Hill 26:42

Rob Clemons 26:42
So it was just named like three women. Run and stuff.

Leslie Hill 26:46
Listen, the way we put the women. And let me say this to you too. We are also hiring women installers. We ran up my husband ran up on a few the other day, some women who were actually installing gutter, they do their own thing nice. And they’re also asked and I said oh my gosh. He said yeah, well they were doing their own thing. But I told him favorite side of the one to move over. I said listen, if women can do it, there’s lots of women do and that kind of stuff that lots of women carpenters that are amazing. Eight. Listen, HGTV has done wonders in that arena for women, I think and they’ve shown us that we can pick up a hammer and do something do so if you’re a woman and you want to learn how to hang out and you think you got what it takes. Come see me.

Rob Clemons 27:29
I love it. Lesley good tips. It’s been great having you on the show today. Oh, fun. And you have to come back and see us again sometime soon.

Leslie Hill 27:36
Oh Rob, any time.

Rob Clemons 27:38
All right. All right. Sounds good. Well, it is International Women’s Month. This is Rob Clemons signing out with Crown Connections. We’ll see you guys next time.

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