Five Tips for Choosing a Shingle Color for Your New Roof

Choosing a new shingle color for your roofing project can be stressful, and there are a lot of factors that can go into it. Check out some tips from our roofing experts below, and contact us if you have any questions!

1. Neighborhood Restrictions

a. When you are choosing a new roofing system for your house, it is wise to look into what color shingles your neighborhood allows you to have. There may be a specific shingle that they prefer you to use or a set of colors that they allow. This keeps the neighborhood looking cohesive. If you think that you might have restrictions on your colors, check your HOA guidebook or give your HOA management a call to find out! This will help the process of choosing shingles go quicker and smoother.

2. Climate

a. Living on the coast, we face a lot of elements that some places are not used to. Here in North Carolina, we experience a lot of warmer months that get direct sunlight, unless your house has tree coverage. We also experience a lot of rain in certain seasons. These both can have an impact on your shingle color over time by fading colors or growing algae. Speak to us about suggestions we have based on where your house is located and the climate it faces!

3. Color Availability

a. Colors of shingles have changed a lot over the years! In the past year, manufacturers such as GAF, have limited the number of colors that they are offering. Make sure when you are speaking to someone about your roof, that they are offering you colors that they will still be able to get their hands on!

4. Labor and Product Warranties

a. A new roof can be quite a pretty penny. When choosing a shingle for your roof, along with the color of the shingle, you might want to take into consideration what kind of warranty that specific shingle offers. This will save you a lot of money and trouble in the future and can be helpful if your roof ever needs to be repaired.

5. See it in Person!

a. One last suggestion would be to make sure you get your hands on the shingle colors you are considering, or make sure to see it in person. Whether that is viewing swatches that your roofer offers, or driving through different neighborhoods with houses that have different shingle colors. Viewing other people’s houses can give you a good idea of how yours might look based on the structure of your home, the existing colors on siding, porches, and windows.


Happy shingle color hunting!

Posted in Wilmington.