How To Stay Organized In A Fast Moving Workplace

How To Stay Organized In A Fast Moving Workplace by Adam Guttadauro and Preston Brewer

Organization in the workplace is critical to adapting on a constant basis. If you have an issue with a project, and you can’t find the necessary paperwork, you risk the project going worse. Being organized is something that Monarch strives for, and team members are expected to do. It saves time and helps you focus energies on other places. On average, using proper organizational tools can improve workplace efficiency by 38%.

Not only is workplace organization important for mental health, being disorganized can cost you and your company MONEY.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the average executive spends six weeks of labor time tracking down, recreating, and reproducing lost files or documents. That boils down to 12.3% of their yearly salary, which is a major loss for companies. That is why we have added some organization tips from the most organized person I know, Wilmington’s Production Coordinator, Preston Brewer.

  1.   Having a calendar and schedule for each day of the week is very helpful to me. It maximizes the output I can get out of each day. Using this for my daily task is very helpful and nothing goes forgotten. It also helps me plan for future projects.
  2.   A filing system is very helpful as well. I use a color-coded folder filing system for all projects and repairs. Having different bins for upcoming, completed and projects we are working on currently is a way I can track some of the things I need to do with each project.
  3.   A daily production meeting with the team sets the bar for what we need to accomplish each day. It also is a time we can discuss problems we may run in to or things I need to relay to the homeowner. Having communication throughout the project with the superintendents and homeowners makes things go smoothly for the company and the homeowners. Plus the homeowners are consistently impressed with the communication that leads to a flawless installation of their roof.

 Being organized helps us work our best, as well as deliver the best warranties, best roofs, and best service  to you, our customer, because YOU DESERVE THE BEST! Get your free, honest, roofing estimate from us here!

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