HR Corner: Winning the Talent War

How To Retain Top Level Talent:

Why do people fight so hard for the opportunity to work for Google, Apple, Home Depot, Amazon (the list goes on)? One might say that ping-pong tables and sleeping pods help attract creative talent, while others might agree that extremely high salary ranges might help you grab “genius level” talent. The simple answer to this question is that those companies are focused on attracting and retaining high-level, high potential talent.

In the book, “The Talent War – How Special Operations and Great Organization Win on Talent” by Mike Sarraille and George Randle, we see a different approach and mindset in attracting and retaining high potential, “A-Player” employees.

The overarching idea behind winning the talent war is to have a talent-based focus throughout the company (from frontline workers to C-suite executives). After all, without high performing talent at all levels in your company, the all-important product or service cannot exist.

Let’s focus quickly on some tactics of attracting high-potential talent. Given the rate of growth here at Monarch Roofing, we want to attract only the finest talent so that our homeowners get what they deserve, the best! Mike Sarraille points out five key factors in attracting A-players to the organizations:

  1. Make Monarch a talent magnet and value employees. As Don Robertson (EVP and CHRO of Northwestern Mutual) puts it, “Great talent is attracted to places that value great talent.”
  2. Provide things that great talent wants. This takes a willingness of company leaders to “step out on the talent limb” by providing competitive pay/benefits, talented leaders and colleagues, a sense of community, challenge, growth opportunities, and purpose.
  3. Tell the Monarch Roofing story effectively through social media and define a simple employee value proposition (creed/ethos) that demonstrates what we are about at the core.
  4. Leverage current employees and alumni – these are the best recruiting mechanisms available.
  5. Create an employee referral program. Talent acquisition doesn’t belong only to HR. Time and time again, research has shown that employee referrals are the number one way people find jobs.

Strategies and tactics to attract great talent (like the ones listed above) are massively important to the continued success and future growth at Monarch Roofing. However, without action and ownership of talent hiring outcomes, the words above are just that, words.

As the famous psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung stated, “you are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” Action is needed now. With dedication, strategy, and massive action, we can win the War on Talent, propelling Monarch Roofing into a talent focused, impact driven, and successful future.

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