Hurricane Season Is Here | Storm Preparation Tips

If you are living in the Southeast you know Hurricane season has arrived. Storms can get a little crazy here this time of year and it is super important to remain informed about incoming storms, and how to prepare for them. We gathered up a few storm prep tips for you so you can make sure you are prepared when the next storm hits! Here at Monarch, we want you and your loved ones to stay safe!  

STORM PREP TIP #1When thunder roars, go indoors! And so should all of your belongings! When preparing for a storm, make sure you bring any art or decor hung on outside walls indoors. You should also plan to secure the rest of the exterior of your home like trimming trees, bringing in patio furniture, potted plants, bikes and anything that could cause damage if blown by potential winds.   

STORM PREP TIP #2: If a storm is coming, prepare your home for evacuation. Make sure all utilities are turned off and skylights, windows and doors are secured. If you plan to evacuate, make sure you communicate to family or friends about a meeting place or point of contact for those who evacuate with you. You can find your local hurricane evacuation route here. 

STORM PREP TIP #3:  Many coastal areas plan to secure windows and glass more securely than other regions. You should protect your glass windows, doors and skylights with shutters or find out if you have impact resistant glass. If you don’t, many homeowners nail plywood to window frames for impact protection. Remove any valuables away from windows as well. 

STORM PREP TIP #4:  Not only should you secure the outside of your home during a storm, but you should also secure the inside. Locate wall hangings and art around your home that could potentially be damaged by water, high winds, and trees. Once items are taken down, keep them in a place off the ground incase of flooding.  

STORM PREP TIP #5: Secure your vehicles somewhere safe from trees, or possible debris from structures and powerlines. It is also a good idea to move your car to a higher ground or into a garage to prevent water damage. Before the storm hits, make sure your car has a full tank of gas, and potentially have extra if needed for a generator.  

If there are any questions we can answer regarding hurricane prep for your roof, let us know on the contact page here! We would love to help you and give you THE BEST storm damage service possible!

Posted in Wilmington.