Making An Impact: Myrtle Beach Monarch Team Gives Back at Home Show

In changing times, Monarch Roofing’s Myrtle Beach team continues to support our community.

It has been an entire year and we are so glad to be back! There is no doubt that COVID changed our lives and put a pause on the activities we love to be involved in. However, we were extremely happy and lucky to be able to participate in the 2021 Horry Georgetown Spring Home Show at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on February 19th, 20th, and 21st. This is one of our favorite events that we participate in twice a year, and it goes without saying that we were disappointed to miss the fall show. So, the excitement to be back for the spring show was through the roof (no pun intended…okay maybe it was intended).

We had been planning for the return of the show for months and we knew we needed to have a booth that encouraged and enlightened the visiting patrons while abiding by the CDC guidelines regarding the pandemic (social distancing, wearing our signature blue Monarch facemasks, sanitizing our hands and surfaces, and much more). We incorporated elements into our display to educate individuals on the components of a roofing system that also had the benefit of being interactive.

We had a beautiful model roof with our GAF Biscayne Blue shingles, Tiger Paw underlayment, drip edge, and starter shingles all of which were able to be removed so that we could teach homeowners about the installation of a roofing system. Our commercial department presented a display to highlight the extensive waterproof ability of their DEC-TEC product and the repairs department showcased a gutter helmet which is a popular product that homeowners often inquire about. Our customers also always enjoy our solar displays including our famous “solar energy juice” and our full-size solar panel display. Our booth featured a beautiful navy-blue carpet courtesy of Holmes Floorcovering and Granite here in Myrtle Beach which helped make our booth and its components stand out and provide a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

monarch roofing myrtle beach team

As individuals visited our booth, they could watch a video reel of different roofing projects, get a sneak peek of what our project managers do on a roof inspection, along with different photos highlighting what we do as a company. One of the most impactful aspects of our booth this year was our “Honoring Our Troops and Vets” wall where the community signed an 8-foot board acknowledging and thanking both active duty and retired veterans for their service to our country. We also incorporated the aspect of printing a polaroid photo of individuals to make it more personal. We had individuals from all walks of life come and sign our board to say thank you to those who served.

monarch roofing roof for troops myrtle beach

Along with our recognition wall Monarch also decided that we were going to raised money in support of the Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center in Little River, South Carolina with a dollar-for-dollar donation. The donations worked in a manner where people could donate as much as they would like and with a one-dollar minimum donation they would receive a limited edition “Roof for Troops” bracelet. In turn, Monarch is going to match the amount of money raised to help our veterans, after the three days Monarch raised over $1,600 dollars and plans to match the amount resulting in a donation of over $3,200 dollars. Special thanks to all that donated, we had all sorts of individuals contribute towards our cause even some of the local businesses; Mister Sparky’s, Carolina Cool, Waccamaw Heating and Cooling, Shade & Shutter Expo, Easy 105.9, Hudson Builders, and all the others that donated!

We are excited to see what‘s in store for the next home show this fall!

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