Monarch Roofing Sales Summit 2021

How do you win in a packed industry? You invest in your employees.

This past weekend, a group of Monarch Roofing employees had the privilege to take part in the annual GROWTH Summit in Asheville, NC. The GROWTH summit was a two-day conference that dove into subjects like sales, marketing, and personal development. While the summit was headlined by speakers such as Jon Paramore and John DeRosa, it was the speeches and actions from the company leadership and upcoming leadership that set the tone for the conference.
What this weekend taught me, personally, is that there is always room to improve, and that there is always something to strive for. Also, it taught me that it doesn’t matter where we come from as people, it is about where we end up. Turmoil occurs in everyone’s life in one way or another, and it is important to surround yourself with people (such as my Monarch teammates) that will be there to pick you up and push you along until you can move forward on your own again. Just like in sales, objections in life are imminent, but it’s how you respond to them that sets the tone for your future.
Monarch Roofing Asheville NC

Leadership is something that I consider to be relative. I think that being a leader is something that you have to commit to 100%, but the first person you need to lead is yourself. At Monarch, each individual is here because we set the example for being the best. It is not a tagline, it is the way that we carry ourselves. Self-leadership is important to us, and this weekend demonstrated the potential of every attendee.

I am proud to work with a company like Monarch that prioritizes growing as a person and invests so much in their employees. They are all about forward progress, and don’t allow us to move backwards, and that is what makes Monarch different. The culture and team-first mentality exemplified here is the mentality that is instilled in the worlds most successful businesses. If you are interested in hearing more about what Monarch has to offer you in your career search, check out our open careers here.

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