Duro-Last PVC

With Duro-Last Certification/Training, we can offer the Best Warranties in the Roofing Industry

Duro - Last Authorized Contractor (PVC)

Duro-Last commercial roofing systems are membranes custom fabricated from a single ply, and they are ideal for flat and low-sloped applications. They’re durable; easily installed by authorized contractors; watertight; resistant to chemicals, fire and high winds; and are practically maintenance-free.

The Mark of a True Professional

“Haag Certified.” In the roofing and insurance industries, that phrase carries a lot of weight. It means you’re a true authority in your business. It means you can quickly and accurately inspect for damage and correctly evaluate that damage. And it means that when you report your findings, your conclusions have true credibility.

Commercial Roof Inspector Certification

In the Haag Certified Inspector - Commercial Roof program, we learned to assess damage to all major types of commercial (low-slope and flat) roofing systems. We became well versed in inspection safety, roof area calculations, codes and industry standards, and weather characteristics. For each roofing type discussed, instructors help us profile manufacture, installation, weathering, hail damage, wind damage, maintenance, mechanical damage, and repair costs. The course covers built-up roofing, polymer-modified bitumen roofing, thermoplastic single-ply roofs (PVC and TPO), thermoset plastic single-ply roofs (EPDM, CSPE, PIB), SPF roofing, metal roofing, vegetated (green) roofing, low-slope roofing components, and roof coatings. We were put through rigorous case studies that illustrate real worl inspection scenarios.

Duro-Last Certification/Training

With Duro-Last Certification/Training, we can offer the Best Warranties in the Roofing Industry - Comprehensive 20-year No Dollar Limit (NDL) on commercial property. Ultimate piece of mind for owners looking to maximize their investments! With the Warranty Lenght you Commercial Building Owners can save a lot in Headaches with the worry free/ Leak free advance best warranty.

Furthermore the warranty, no exclusions for ponding water, and provides coverage against consequential damages that result from defects in the Duro-Last material and/or installation workmanship. Considering the large amount of rain and storms we get in the Myrtle Beach Coastal area are, we comprehend that ponding water can occur and why we trust Duro-Last with their higher quality PVC products since the products are made to waterproof even ponding water. Best warranty in the industry also gives commercial building owner the peace of mind they deserve with leak free systems!

We understand that Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has a unique weather system that brings high winds, tornado, hurricane, storms that can damage your roof with wind bore debris and simply through wind damage. All system Installed through Duro-Last specification, include the 130 mph high wind warranty. Therefore, Wind Damage are rare with the Duro-Last Low Slope (flat) roofing system. Furthermore, Duro-Last PVC membrane have special fiber matte that resist certain type of hail and lowers the damaged cause by hail storms. Expect the best from the roofing experts.

Trust the best and the Manufacturer with a proven track record like Duro-Last. Since 1978, more than a billion and a half square feet of Duro-Last membrane have been installed all over North America. We installed over 10,000 square feet of low slope (flat) roof here in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. Duro-Last has earned a nationwide reputation for our high-quality, leak-proof single-ply roofing system that we are proud to install the trusted roofing manufacturer

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