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Importance of Determination in The Workplace


There are a lot of different personality types in the modern workplace, and everyone works differently. One quality that sets successful people apart is determination and desire to grow. When you show that you are determined to grow and you put the time in at work, you are much more likely to get better results in both your performance at work as well as with your supervisors. In this blog, I break down some qualities of a person determined to reach their goals.


  1. Someone who is determined to be successful always makes it work. When faced with a problem or objection, some people accept the objection and stop trying. A determined person takes the objection, and will do whatever they can to figure out a workaround. This type of determination is arguably the most important quality of any person, and it is something we breed at Monarch.
  2. Another quality of someone who is determined to reach their goals is organization. Typically, people described as “go-getters” are very organized, which allows for them to not get stuck or fall behind from being disorganized, and plan for massive success. This organization not only includes physical items, but also includes organized goals, and organized plans on how they want to reach their goals.
  3. Lastly, a person who is determined to reach their goals loves to learn. You will commonly find this person sharing ideas, asking questions, and taking every educational opportunity they come across in efforts to become a wealth of knowledge and apply that knowledge to their goals.


If you possess any of these qualities, we want to talk to YOU. Monarch currently has openings across various departments in all of our locations. View our open careers here!

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