Advanced Maintenance Program

Preventive maintenance of your new roof will save you valuable dollars against premature failure.

Maintain your new roof and protect your asset.

Our ADVANCED MAINTENANCE PROGRAM is available for our valued customers to help you maintain your new roof and protect your asset. Preventive maintenance of your new roof will save you valuable dollars against premature failure.

​Reasons for premature failure include :

  • One of the biggest reasons for premature failure of roofs is the “out of sight, out of mind” theory. A roof does need to be maintained, just as your home does.
  • Exposure to the elements such as water, freeze-thaw, or shorterterm exposure such as exposure to damaging air pollutants and chemicals.
  • Structural movement, including building settlement or expansion/ contraction not accommodated by the roofing system.
  • Biological growth such as vegetation in areas of standing water or algae.
  • Not repairing problems promptly. This can decrease the life of your roof.
  • Changes in the use of the building such as an increase of humidity within the structure can cause severe condensations problems with the roofing system.

Our ADVANCED MAINTENANCE PROGRAMS includes the following on an annual basis:

  • Check all roof penetration and replace/repair as needed.
  • Clean minor debris (tree branches, leaves, minor natural debris).
  • Check for signs of leaks (inside and outside) and repair as needed.
  • Check all drip edges and repair as needed.
  • Gutter cleaning.

Complete and sign maintenance checklist (maintenance Book to be kept with the homeowner). 

Materials included: caulking and cutting edge sealant.


Leak Repairs

Monarch Roofing provides services in repair, maintenance, and hail-damage remediation. The Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Coastline gets hit with a lot of weather including high winds and hail. This can damage your roof greatly. Monarch Roofing repair department is dedicated to helping the community keep a close eye on their roofs to ensure a problem is spotted before it severely impacts your home and wallet. Leaks in Attic, Stains on interior walls or ceilings, damaged shingles, dark areas on roof, excessive energy cost could all be indications that a repair is needed.