How much is your roof going to cost? 

Our team in Myrtle Beach, Wilmington, and Hilton Head Island can help you figure that out using our Monarch Roof Price Estimator.

Check out our Monarch Roofing price estimator here!

If you’re looking into roof replacement, Monarch Roofing can provide excellent financing options to help get you the roof of your dreams. There’s no reason to pay for costly repairs any longer. Call a roof expert at Monarch Roofing today to start planning for the roof you’ve always wanted.

How it Works

  • Input the approximate square footage of your home
  • Figure out how many stories above ground your home is
  • Look at our shingles page if you are unsure what kind of shingles best suit your home
  • Indicate what type of material you want on your roof

Our calculator will multiply the approximate square footage of your roof by the cost/sqft. of the material you select to create an estimate of full roof replacement cost*. Then, click the “Next” button to forward this information to an expert at Monarch Roofing to get a quote that takes your home’s specific needs into account.