Searching For A Career In A Time of Uncertainty

Searching for a career in a time of uncertainty


Currently, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have 6.7% (twenty million) of Americans looking for work. 

So, if you are one of those people, how do you go about getting back on the saddle and finding a position?

For me, I graduated college in May, at one of the heights of the pandemic. While this was a situation that caused some unwanted and unwelcome anxiety, there were certain things that I did that helped me land a great job with Monarch Roofing.

First, I put my resume EVERYWHERE. I was on every job posting site, recruiting firm, and university job board that I could get access too within my area. This was able to get me some looks and interviews, which I used for experience purposes before I started submitting applications to various roles. 

Second, connect. Reach out to people who you may have a connection too (school, businesses, social groups, etc.) and connect to them on sites such as LinkedIn. This makes your profile more visible, and helps show others outside of your immediate network that you are looking for a role.

Third, identify a need for your skillset. If you are in a market that has a high amount of people working in manufacturing and only has manufacturing jobs open and your skillset is not in manufacturing,  try and search elsewhere or for a remote job, as they are currently plentiful.

Lastly, APPLY. Nobody ever reached their goals by not putting themselves out there.

Monarch Roofing is currently looking for motivated and passionate salespeople in Wilmington, Hilton Head, and Myrtle Beach. No roofing experience? No problem. We have world-class training facilities and we will invest in you and train you to be extremely successful. Schedule your interview here.

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