Do you have storm damage on your home? Whether it is a hurricane, hailstorm, or wind event, Monarch is here to help you navigate the rebuilding process, because we believe that YOU DESERVE THE BEST! Check out our helpful resources on this page, and contact us below to get your FREE roofing estimate.

What to Look For After a Storm:

High Wind

High winds can cause shingle damage, which can lead to damage to underlaying wood and cause leaks.

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Hail can cause dings and dents on your roof, and even crack your shingles, knock off granules, expose your fiberglass, and loosen the self, seal strip.

Standing Water

Once the standing water has been on the roof for a while, it begins to cause the roof to sag and creates a larger pool to hold more standing water.


Debris can weigh down a roof causing to to sag, and is hazard to those walking around your facility, as it could fall and cause injury.

Assess Your Roof's Damage

Not sure what to look for? Check out the checklist below to get started.

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Call Your Insurance Company 

If you find damage, take lots of pictures, from inside and outside, and contact your insurance company immediately.
The guide below will help you deal with your insurance company.

Download/View Insurance Company Storm Guide

roofer doing storm inspection