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Is it time to retrofit your roof? Look deeper than the exterior, and understand the function of your shingles, such as the warranty, wind rating, and stain protection. 

Picking the right shingle is a hugely important part of a roof retrofit. Oftentimes when consumers are picking shingles they simply look at the color, but there are so many more aspects that should be considered. Here are the top three things that homeowners should look at when selecting their shingles.

  1. The most important shingle qualification that homeowners should look into is the wind rating of their shingles. With advantages in modern roofing science, there is never a situation where someone should install a shingle with a wind warranty of less than 130MPH. Shingles such as the GAF Timberline HDZ can actually give the homeowner an infinite wind warranty when installed with the correct system. In an environment that is extremely hurricane-prone like the low country, consumers need to be vigilant in regards to the wind rating of their roofs.
  2. Another thing to consider about your shingles is the algae/stain protection. In the high humidity climate here, roofs are prone to algae staining and streaks on roofs. Homeowners should always ask their contractors about the stain protection/warranty on their shingles. For example, GAF American Harvest and GAF UltraHD shingles actually have a 25-year stain guard on them protecting them from all types of blue/green algae ( the streaking and staining you commonly see on Hilton Head).
  3. Lastly, and potentially most important, homeowners need to be cautious about the workmanship warranty on their new roof. All shingles come with a manufacturer’s warranty on the components. This warranty is very important to protect consumers from product defects. However, most roofing issues come from improper craftsmanship. All homeowners should ask their contractor what craftsmanship coverage they will be receiving with their new roof. Most craftsmanship warranties are 2 years. While this is better than nothing, many roof leaks take several years to develop. Homeowners should always look for highly certified contractors. For example, GAF Master Elite contractors can offer the GAF Silver pledge (10-year craftsmanship) and GAF Golden Pledge (25-year craftsmanship) warranties. Not only do these provide long-term peace of mind, but they are also backed by GAF, not by the contractor.

All of these aspects are vital for consumers to look at when doing their re-roof project. The best advice is to never base your decisions when re-roofing solely on aesthetics or price. Remember that your roof is a critical part of the safety of your home. Contact the experts at Monarch today to get your FREE, HONEST, roof inspection, or visit our residential roofing page for more info.

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