What to Expect When Scheduling a Roof Inspection | Monarch Roofing

Are you looking to schedule a roof inspection, and are wondering what to expect? No need to worry! We are here to break it down for you to make the process as smooth as possible and want you to know every step we take to get you under a new roof! Here are a few steps we will be taking to complete your roof inspection.

#1 Call to schedule an appointment for one of our Monarch Project Managers to come out and inspect your roof.


#2 One of our project managers will look around, get some detailed measurements and look at all of the important parts of your home.


#3 Next, they will take photos of your roof and home to document the starting stages, as well as be able to visually identify any potential damages from the ground.


#4 After inspecting any potential areas of roof damage from the ground, the Project Manager will get up on your roof and inspect the damages as well as be able to identify the lifespan of the roof.


#5 If damage is found, such as hail damage, the Project Manager will mark your roof with chalk to be able to easily identify the damage in a photo, or from the ground. 


#6 Lastly, the Project Manager will get back on the ground and type up a detailed estimate for your repair or new roof.  


When you choose Monarch Roofing for any of your residential roofing needs, you will be getting a Master Elite Contractor and 3 Star Presidents Club Certification. With these things in mind, it’s easy to know that you are getting exactly what you deserve, THE BEST!

Posted in Wilmington.