Why Realtors Need a Reliable Roofer | Monarch Roofing

There is no question that realtors need a good roofer. Their clients depend on it when assessing risk and/or adding value when buying or selling a home and there are lots of benefits to having one.

Here’s some very straightforward reasons why:

The Home Inspection Report

· If homebuyers have a home inspection report, a roofer can help assess how much a new roof or repair estimate will be

· Even before getting on the roof, having a home inspection report will help the roofer to give a realtor and the buyer peace of mind about the range

Reroof Certifications?

Some loans require a two-year roof certifications by a financial institution. These usually include an inspection and a written statement of some sort that in a professional roofer’s opinion that the roof isn’t likely to leak for two years. These inspections are to answer one question only “will this roof leak in two years or not” and nothing else. Reputable roofers can provide the realtor an inspection and determine if the roof is likely to leak in two years or not. If the roofer finds that there are some problems, and the roof is likely to leak, then they can write an estimate for repairs, above and beyond the cost of the two-year roof certification.

Additional Services

Roof inspections are meant to help realtor’s clients to know the general condition of the roof. Monarch, in good faith works with realtors to conduct FREE roof inspections. It helps to take the heartburn out of additional costs for the client and saves the realtor additional time and effort spent to get their client peace of mind.

Roof repairs categorized into three levels; a level one, two and three repairs. This is why a home inspection and our roof inspections are so important. We can help evaluate the cost quite fairly and accurately based on our diagnosis.

Roof Replacements, there are times when a full replacement is requested or needed. We understand that realtors have a tight turnaround time due to buying or selling the house.

Documentation, when inspecting a roof we take pictures to document the current state of the roof and if we do the repair or re-roof, we continue to take pictures at all times. We also provide a thorough contact, outlining the work that will be done and any warranty that coincides with that for the homeowner.

Warranty and home value, one of the most important values is our warranties and what that means to a buyer or a seller. All of our warranties can be transferred from one owner to another, one time. And, because of the types of warranties we offer, the value of a home can increase by up to 7%. Both give buyers and sellers, incentives

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