A strong and vibrant community is vital to a successful and growing business.

At Monarch Roofing we believe in the importance of being a good corporate citizen and the core value of our company is to contribute to the communities in which we live and work. We have pledged to donate 10% of our net revenue to the community every year. Below are some of the amazing ways we do so.

Some of the great programs we have developed are...

Roofs for Troops

Roofs for Troops is a program that we have created with the help of GAF to give a free roof away to a Veteran service member or public safety individual who needs a new roof.

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In the last 4 years we have been Honored to meet some amazing individuals who have fought for our country and our community. Mr. Jerry Blackwood, Mr. Jack Marsden, Mr. Tom Duncan, Mr. Curtis Gowen, Mrs. Joanne Harris & Mrs. Beth Burton. These great patriots have done so much for our county and community that giving them a Free roof seems so small. Each one of them were so thankful for the gift. They all truly believe that someone else had a greater need then themselves.

Each time we put together our Roofs for Troops event we are so overwhelmed with other business who reach out and want to help. The other unbelievable companies make it possible to give each Roof for Troops recipient to receive not only a free roof but a complete home facelift!! From HVAC, Plumbing, Landscaping, Painting, Fencing, new sheetrock and ramps… whatever the need out community comes through. We are so thankful for the men and women who put their lives on the line each day both overseas and here in our community that we so enjoy this program and what it means in their lives.

The events that take places throughout this program are so fun and full of community involvement.

The recipient each year is someone that is nominate through one of the veteran groups we partner with or a community member. Ones the nomination come in we do research on the home and the Veteran. We do this to ensure that the home in condition to can be repaired and reroofed. We then reach out to their friends and family to share the secrete that they have been chosen as our annual/biannual roof for troops recipient. Then the fun starts with a surprise visit with community members, Veterans Groups, Media and supporting groups like the MBACC. After the shock wears off we meet with Veteran and learn all about their time spent in the military, community involvement and thought this we uncover any additional issues with their homes.

Then the community outreach really starts as we reach out to our amazing business partners in out for some help. Great companies like Carolina Cool, Patriot Painting & Landscaping, USA Plumbing, local restaurants and the Vet Center. They then extend their hand out with the added service that they would like to donate to our Veteran. It is truly heartwarming to see so many businesses coming together to help on Veteran who has fought for our country.

The next event that takes place is Install Party!!! The day we plan our roof installation is a big party to celebrate this great individual. As the tear off and installation happens in the background we set up on the lawn with tents and tables. Either food is catered in or cooked out for a community panic. Neighbors, Friends, Community partners and Media turn out to share in the day. Throughout the day the individual businesses that have offered additional service stop by and surprise the Veteran with their generosity. After a full day of being showered with love and much needed up keep and scheduling of work for their home we clean up and let the Veteran soak it all in. We usually get a call the next day from the Veteran saying how emotionally drained they are after realizing how incredible blessed they are to live in a community of individuals and business that care so much about each other.

This truly is one of the best parts of our job. To be able to take care of a home and provide a service that will protect your more important possessions; your family is what it is all about. The added community involvement is such a huge bonus.

Veteran Support

We like to continue the support of the Veterans all year round and try to spread it out as much as possible. We partner with groups such as The Vet Center, Military Officers of Association America(MOAA), The American Legion & Blue Star Mothers.

The American Legion: Supporting their group through repair to their post #111 and celebrating them with full member cookout.

The Vet Center we are the Major sponsor for their golf tournament each year including playing & volunteering time to help execute the event. We also help out with events that they sponsor and hold throughout the entire year.

Military Officers Association of America (MOAA): We are the Major Sponsor of their golf tournament. Attend, Play and Volunteer to help run the tournament and silent auction to insure they make very dollar they can for their charitable needs and scholarships. We proudly march alongside of them in the Memorial Day Parade. Support all their efforts and events throughout the year.

Blue Star Mothers: These ladies need support more then most. They do what ever they can to insure their children and the children of others who are fighting for our country have the necessities and a few comforts from home. We join them on a monthly basis to help pack care boxes for troops overseas. Collect and Donate items, Provide Roof for Troops Dry Fit T-shirts or each and at our events we encourage our community members to write a short personal note to the troops saying thank you to place these postcards in each box.

Local Public Safety

Following our suggestion with the help of the MBACC created the Police Officer Appreciation Breakfast where we help thank the local police officer of our community for all the hard work, they do to keep us and our visitors safe. We provide breakfast & drinks for multiple precincts across the Grand Strand. In addition, we donate and participate to the Public Safety Appreciation Lunch Annually under the direction of the Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association. Our staff loves showing our appreciation to the officers that on a monthly biases we stop by with snack and goodies to tell each department how much we love them. Through out the summer our crews and staff wear specially create shirts that dawn the Thin Blue Line Flag in support of any fallen police officer. We also donate these dry fit t-shirts to many of the officers in our community at all our events. We also support the annual Shop with a Cop program where cops take kids Christmas Shopping and for a fun night.

Habitat for Humanity

We partner with Habitat for Humanity for in many ways. We work with them on almost every build they have. We Send employees out to volunteer and help with donations and participate at their golf tournament and support all the annual events that they hold.

Fostering Hope

We donate, promote and partner with Fostering hope. This past Holiday Season We took 2 truckloads of Cloths, Coats, Shoes, Socks, Toiletries & Toys to them to help the 800 children they support.

Ground Zero

Annually Support the Ground Zero mission though upkeep, maintenance and repair the roof on their building, and Donation and participation of their annual Festival. At the Dragon Boat Festival, we are the main sponsor of the loading dock as well as participation with a team in the races.  This year we are so excited to add an additional team in the races. Their mission is so strong to help the youth in our community we do what ever we can to promote and support it.

Champion Autism Network

We Support and Donate to their many events all year as well as actively help & attend their annual Night of Champions.

Home Builders Cares Fund

This is a fund that the Horry Georgetown Home Builders Association created to help community groups in need. We actively help raise funds through Participation, Sponsorship & Tee Box activities at their Annual Golf Tournament, Volunteering Time and Monetary Donations to their Clay Busting Tournament as well as helping promote donations at our monthly membership meeting.

SOS Health Care

We Support and Donate to SOS Health Care and their many events throughout the year such as the Pancake Eating contest, Holiday Craft Fair and we are currently working with them to help on the plans for the new Oak Tree Farms.

Conway Medical Foundation

Our staff actively participates in the packing of the student’s weekend snack packs! We Donated 415 boxes of Capri Sun for their Carpi Sun Drive.

Art Museum

We are a sponsor of the Annual Spring Tour of Homes.

Substitutes for Santa

We have been apart of Substitutes for Santa for the last 3 years. We have donated items for swag bags, participated in planning as well as volunteering for the event itself.