4 Reasons To Get A Drone Roof Inspection (2023 Update)

close up of drone for roof inspection

The last few years have seen a serious improvement in quality drone technology for roofing, and this upgrade has offered many roofing companies a chance for a more thorough and efficient inspection process. Don’t want to spend all afternoon waiting around for your roofers to get up on your roof and physically inspect every inch of it? You don’t have to.

Drone roof inspections offer a safer & closer look at your roof, so they are a great option, allowing for a speedier and more documented process…

As the general manager of a roofing company, I’ve spent plenty of time on roofs or worrying about my people on roofs. It’s a necessary part of the business but I also know that less time on the roof means we have fewer chances of injury, less potential damage to the roof, and more accurate inspections. If you need speedy roof repairs, a drone roof inspection is a great option.

You might be thinking, “How can you get more accurate inspections by not going on the roof?” While I agree that nothing beats the thoroughness of a human judgment call, in reality, the drone is a more foolproof style of inspection. Here are 4 reasons a drone roof inspection might be the way to go.

Top 4 Reasons To Get A Drone Roof Inspection

aerial view of rooftop during drone roof inspection

1. Fool-Proof Programming

The inspections are computer engineered for full roof coverage. Any human walking a roof might miss a section, but our drones come with a program that does a full roof outline that cannot be missed.

2. Digitally Recorded & Time-stamped For Future Evidence

Drone roof inspections are recorded and time-stamped. While a human roof inspection might have pictures that are time-stamped of specific areas, a drone outline provides a full roof review that can be reassessed years later for specific spots on the roof. This is a handy tool after a storm comes through your neighborhood and you need proof that the storm caused new damage to your roof. Visit our storm relief page to learn more about storm damage.

3. Drones Don’t Make Mistakes/Safety

Drones don’t make mistakes due to height or steep pitches. While our roofers and project managers are very thorough and professional – they are human. Extreme heights and near-vertical pitches can make walking on a roof treacherous and, therefore, can lead to inaccessible areas. Drones do not have limitations and provide better overall quality.

4. Trusted By Adjusters

drone roof inspection for metal roof

Drones are impartial and may be more trusted by adjusters. Due to the computerized nature of a drone inspection – adjusters may consider a drone’s judgments to be more honest. While our Project Managers are very honest, adjusters have developed a healthy mistrust of roofer opinions on roof damages over the years. For a robotic inspection, the human element is removed, and adjusters can trust the final report.

You might be thinking, “Rob, you just said a drone makes judgments?” I’d explain the process like this: a drone has specific imperfections it is set to target. For example, a drone will notice darker colors within sections that are generally associated with trauma to the roof. These trauma signatures are easy storm damages indicators. Once in a while, the drone may find something that is not storm damage-related (for example, debris on a roof).

As part of the drone report, Monarch representatives review the drone’s markings and remove any errant markings prior to report submittals. Particularly impressive in drone technology are “Flir cameras” which indicate heat variations on roofs. These heat variations are valuable in finding water intrusion on flat roofs since the moist areas will typically be at a different temperature than dry areas on the roof.

Schedule A Drone Roof Inspection With Monarch!

Monarch representatives are your best bet for honest, accurate guidance in your next steps for roof replacement. Our drone usage is just an additional tool we have to make sure you get the best service you deserve. Honest, safe, less invasive, and very accurate – drones are certainly the wave of the future in roof inspections! Visit our residential or commercial service pages to learn more.

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