Maintenance and Inspections

Monarch Roofing helps you to save money by extending the life of your existing roof through proper maintenance and by inspecting potential issues prior to the issues causing major damages.

Who would need an inspection? A person that wants to extend the life of their existing roof and does not necessarily need a new roof. Roofs that are in the 5 – 20 year range are prime candidates.  A person buying a new home may be interested in this inspection to validate the condition of the roof.


Monarch provides these maintenance and inspection services for both residential and commercial roofs:

  • Storm inspections – see if your existing roof has experienced damage from hail storms or hurricane winds

Who would need this inspection? A homeowner or business owner that just had a major storm hit their building and may need to make an insurance claim on a roof.

  • Roof replacement inspections – see if you need a full roof replacement due to age or other conditions

Who would need this inspection? A person that has a home with an older roof that may be due for replacement.

  • Leak and repair inspections – our technicians spend time to identify where an existing leaks may be occurring from on your roof

Who would need these inspections? A person experiencing an existing leak or can see an issue with their roof such as missing shingles or a damaged boot pipe.

  • Full roof maintenance inspections – our most comprehensive inspections give a full appraisal of the condition of your roof. As with an automobile inspection, it’s a good idea to occasionally have your roof checked for condition of the various components. Some property owners get this inspection every year, but it’s particularly critical once your roof hits the 10 year age mark.