11 Tips To Ace Your Next Marketing Interview (2022 Update)

Interviewing for marketing roles is tough, here are eleven tips from our Hilton Head Island marketing director, Alicia Tetreault!

I have been interviewing a lot of people lately and have remarkably found a lack of preparation from people being interviewed. Hopefully, this can help some of you out!

1. Whether it is a ZOOM or in person interview, always dress professionally- dress for the job you want not the one you have.

2. Be early! Even 10 minutes early is better than late. You do not want a potential employer having to wonder if you will show up on time for work every day.

3. If it is an online interview- make sure you know how to use the interview system the employer is using (Google, Zoom, Teams, etc.). Take it upon yourself to test out your camera and microphone, to ensure that there will be no issues during the interview.

4. Look up the company you are looking to work for prior- do as much research as possible. This not only will help you during the interview, but also help you find out if you and the company are a good fit. (If the company you are applying to does not have a strong presence on the internet, this is a great place to start for you in marketing.)

5. Keep up to date on the latest marketing trends in that industry.

6. Know the position you are applying for and be sure to read the job description. alicia tetreault marketing director monarch roofing hilton head island

7. Practice basic interview questions. Practice may not make perfect in an interview- but will certainly help you and maybe calm some pre interview nerves.

8. If you are on ZOOM having an interview, be aware of your background, and angles. Please do not have the camera “looking up your nose”. That may sound funny- but sadly, I have seen way too much of that while interviewing. Eye level with your camera is a perfect spot. Side note: Make sure to have good posture, trust me it shows well in an interview if you do.

9. Be sure to follow up after your interview via e-mail. Doing this helps make you stand out from the rest.

10. Thank them for their time! They took time out of their day, and probably have already interviewed a bunch of people.
11. ASK QUESTIONS! Make sure that you have some questions to ask the interviewer, asking questions shows interest in the role and can open up further discussion.

If you are looking to apply for a marketing role, Monarch Roofing currently has openings! Check out our careers page today for more information.

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