Confessions from a Roofer: Storm Damage

We asked our experts to help explain some of the storm damage they see that wreaks havoc on roofs. Here’s what they had to share:

  1. Never try to inspect the damage yourself. Contact a trained professional, preferably with a free estimate. 
  2. Damage to the shingles – there may be damage including the underlayment of your shingles. Underlayment is there to provide a temporary barrier against rain and wind. 
  3. Gutters can also be damaged with bending or sagging.
  4. Flying debris such as tree limbs or hail can rip shingles from the roof or cause damage you can’t always see. It can also cause loose shingles and flashing around the chimney.


But, what about in the house?


Storm damage not only impacts your roof but also the inside of your house. So, be on the lookout for these things:


Water damage 


Attic area

  • wet insulation
  • water dripping
  • damp/wet framing
Posted in Wilmington.