How to Spot Roof Damage?

When your roof leaks, it’s not always easy to find right away. That’s because it’s hard to spot the source of the leak. There could also be explanations for what you see including water spots and mold. That’s why you call a trusted contractor. When inspecting for a roof, it takes a bit of investigative work and the vulnerable spot isn’t always visible right away.
If you’re looking to do a little detective work first, check the attic but be careful because it’s just you between those joists. Again, we recommend calling a certified roofing contractor (like us) to take a look. If you’re using someone like Monarch Roofing, it’s figuratively no skin off your nose, as we provide a free estimate to assess your damage – if any! However, we digress. Once you’ve searched your surroundings check for moisture or mold spots because those tend to linger with dampness. If you’ve encountered mold, then you’ve most likely found your leak spot. And then, this is not a trick question but what do you do? Call the experts!

hole in roof

Ask the Experts: What to Look for in a Reputable Contractor
To avoid any costly damage or panicked hair-trigger decisions, we recommend doing your research. Are they:
Licensed, bonded and insured?
Are they accredited through the better business bureau?
Do they have any experience?
What type of quality product do they offer?
Do they have any awards?
What are their ties to the community?
Have you looked at their reviews? If so, do they even respond to them?
*This should paint a picture of how active they are and how visible they are with their business reputation

“Shoot! My Roof is Leaking. What Now?”
A great time to have a roof repaired is before it leaks. Usually, but not always is that the case. In most scenarios we get the call after damage has already begun. Some homeowners do not realize that there is an issue, there are financial fears or homeowners that tend to want to prolong the process for personal reasons. If your ceiling has water dripping from the ceiling, it could be one of a few issues. Maybe your AC unit is on the fritz or broken. Maybe it’s faulty plumbing. Or, maybe it’s the onset of a leaky roof! We know it’s never natural to have water coming from what should be a nice dry and insulated house. So, we recommend calling reputable experts to come out and assess the situation. Our  Trusted professionals will be able to get to the heart of the issue, provide estimates and/or honestly and matter of factly eliminate one problem over another. Visit our storm relief service page to learn more

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