Leading in the Roofing Industry

Leadership is a very complex topic, and at Monarch Roofing we like to consistently develop our leadership skills both in the office and with our customers.


In the office, Monarch employees are all expected to be leaders and be consistently improving not only ourselves, but those around us. We are a competitive group,  but we are consistently taking others with us and trying to be trailblazers in our respective positions. The leadership pillars that I like to consistently develop are empathy, communication, and encouragement. Being empathetic with customers and coworkers situations allows me to focus my energy on being a resource for them, and helping them develop. Communicating is another pillar of leadership, as any environment that lacks communication will lack effectiveness. Encouraging others is also extremely important. I have discovered that doing this allows those around me to exercise their ideas much more freely and without fear of judgement. 


I have had bosses before, but at Monarch Roofing, we have LEADERS. Leaders are people who will get in the trenches and do the work with you, rather than telling you what to do. 


We apply the same leadership principle to our customers. We will lead you through the insurance process, as well as the process of getting a new roof, and we will provide our services to you with unparalleled empathy, communication, and encouragement. Most of the time, getting a new roof is a stressful process, and rather than leave you to deal with it, we will deal with the process with you and make it as stress free as possible. 


Are you ready for a new roof without the stress? We can help you with that. Contact us here to get your free estimate and experience our unparalleled leadership for yourself.

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