Six Tips to Help You Stay Hurricane Prepared

Your home and loved ones that reside in it are major investments, so protecting them from hurricanes is most likely among your top priorities. During hurricane season, two main elements that wreak havoc on our homes are wind and rain.  Being proactive and facing Mother Nature head-on can help limit the damage and resulting expenses, dramatically.  Here are some of the measures that homeowners can take to help secure their homes from storm damage this hurricane season.

hurricane traveling into costal carolina

  • Living in a hurricane prone location, yearly roof evaluations are a must. Whether your roof is metal, tile, shingled, or slate, having a knowledgeable contractor double-check the integrity of your roof and perform any necessary repairs before active storms will help prevent larger issues.
  • Cleaning and making sure your gutters are clear is essential because your gutter system takes water from your roof system down to the ground.  If your gutters are clogged, the backed-up water will sit on your roof, and the probability of water entering your home will increase.
  • Rid your yard of any debris.  Remove trash cans or anything that can be blown onto the roof and cause damage.  This includes overhanging tree branches, especially ones that are over the roof. 
  • Stay up to date with insurance and warranties. When a hurricane passes through your area, the aftermath can be chaotic and sometimes devastating.  Stay ahead by having before pictures of your roof, any applicable warranties, insurance documentation, and contact information of a local reputable contractor and insurance agent in a safe accessible place.
  • If you do have roof damage after a hurricane, ALWAYS use a local, reputable contractor.  Some contractors come into town after hurricanes to do repairs and replacements and you may have trouble getting in touch with them after the job is finished if you have any problems.
  • Have a plan: nobody wants a hurricane to batter their home area, but it is an unfortunate cost of being in such a beautiful area. Have an emergency preparedness plan for you and your family, as your safety is the most important thing during any kind of storm.


Posted in Wilmington.