Three Beneficial Questions to Ask Your Hilton Head/Bluffton Area Roofing Contractor

Be aware that choosing a roofing contractor that will install or repair your roof is as important as choosing the right kind of materials.  If done correctly, the repairs or new roof will increase your home value. 

  1.       It is very important to work with a reputable contractor who is licensed and insured.  Do they have a website?  Also, check out their Google reviews, make sure they are local, and do your research.  You want your roof done right the first time.  Your roof should last you a long time, remember cheapest is not always the best.  (Sometimes if it is the cheapest, that means they are using lesser quality materials that will not last as long. Here at Monarch, we only use the best GAF roofing materials, because YOU DESERVE THE BEST)
  2.       How long have they been in business?  You want a company that has been around at least 10 years. An experienced roofing companyhilton head sc monarch roofing job set up has been through all of the issues already, so they know how to navigate any type of roofing project.  You are not going to be the guinea pig for them.  Also, if there are issues, this can help ensure that they will be there for you to fix the problem.
  3.       Will you be providing me with a detailed proposal? The written proposal should have such details as the details of the job, when it will start, approximately how long it will take, and the payment process. Without a written and signed proposal, you will have no recourse in case there are problems.

Always do your research.  This will benefit you during the overall process and in the long run. Monarch Roofing Hilton Head Island prides ourselves on being established, local, and reputable for years to come. If you think it’s time to get your roof inspected for FREE, contact us here. Visit our residential or commercial service pages to learn more.


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