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When it comes to selecting a new roof, sometimes the number of options can be overwhelming for a homeowner.

How to decide the best roof to match your homes Architectural Style ?

How do you know which one is right for your home?

Here are a few tips from Monarch Roofing with help from GAF on how to choose the perfect new roof for your home.  

1- Options

When it comes to selecting a new roof, sometimes the number of options can be overwhelming for a homeowner. If you’re unsure about what style of shingle to go with, standard and most popular go-to is the Timberline® American Harvest, Timberline® High Definition, Timberline® Natural Shadow line of shingles. Not only is the quality impeccable, but the look is clean and timeless.

2- Architectural style

We always tell homeowners to make sure your roof matches the architectural style of the home. For example, a Modern/Contemporary style home lends itself to the clean lines of design of Slateline®, while on a Ranch-style home I would select something with a lot of dimension like the wood-shake look of Timberline®.

3- Budget

When you’re replacing your roof, while style is important, it also has to align with your budget. GAF’s selection of Timberline® HD® Shingles is going to be a great option on any budget, but if you have a roof that’s pitched steeply or has unique architectural character, you may want to invest in one of the Designer Value Collection Shingles such as Camelot® II, Woodland®, Monaco®, Glenwood® or Sienna™, to feature that element and really make it stand out. Furthermore, the Designer Value Collection increase the value of your property by 7%!  

4- Visualize

Sometimes homeowners have a difficult time making a decision on a new roof, because they can’t visualize the final product. The style of the home may lend itself to a certain type of shingle, but at the end of the day it’s got to fit your personal style. The Virtual Home Remodeler allows you to pick the style of home that most resembles your own (or even upload your own photo), and play with all of the options until you find what worksfor you. Mix and match, and don’t be afraid to experiment. You might be surprised by what you like!

Virtual Home Remodeler

GAF Virtual Home Remodeler is an application that allows the homeowner to see different GAF shingles applied to their own home in real-time

GAF Virtual Home Remodeler