Crowning Connections: Worth the Effort

Thomas Blackwell is a household name among the leadership of Monarch Roofing. His book, “The Liberty of Our Language Revealed” is among the top books suggested by our Company. Rob Clemons was thrilled to chat with Thomas about his life, share stories […]

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Crowning Connections: The Mamba Mindset

“Hard work outweighs talent — every time. Mamba mentality is about 4 a.m. workouts, doing more than the next guy and then trusting in the work you’ve put in when it’s time to perform. Without studying, preparation and practice, you’re leaving the […]

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Crowning Connections: Debt to Relentless Success

US Mortgage’s Mike Fitzpatrick speaks with Monarch Roofing’s Rob Clemons on #podcast Crowning Connections. Company Culture Growth as a Manager: BOOM! The Drive of a QB DISC & Moneyball Debt to Relentless Success Buzz Word: Patience. Play the Long Game   Listen […]

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